T-Shirts Mocking Human Shields In Kashmir Sell Like Hot Cakes In India

    Human Shield Kashmir T Shirts

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    In April 2017, Major Gogoi of the Indian Army tied Farooq Ahmad Dar to the front of his Jeep and used him as a human shield.

    A few weeks later, Major Gogoi was awarded a medal for the act of ‘bravery’.

    Glorifying war crimes and condoning violence against Kashmir has become a norm in the Indian society nowadays but this new trend shall put everything to shame.

    The war crimes inflicted upon Kashmiris shall now be worn by common citizens with pride and honour like those awards for gallantry.
    A Mumbai based T-Shirt company by the name of ‘T-Shirt Bhaiya’ has created a new design depicting Major Gogoi’s Jeep and Farooq tied to its front.

    The text below the picture on the T-shirt reads,

    Indian Army, saving your ass, whether you like it or not.

    The T-Shirts are available in different sizes and colours and one of them has already been ‘SOLD OUT’.

    So far, the majority of the buyers are totally in love with such glorification of a war crime.


    Only a handful of people were actually outraged at this.

    The history of using Human Shields in Kashmir is an old one.

    Read more about the use of Human Shields in Kashmir here.

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