10Cric review

Welcome to the 10Cric website review. 10Cric is a betting and online casino site that offers sports betting and online casino gaming from anywhere in the world where the internet is available. The 10Cric site is aimed at an audience from India, but is ready to provide gambling services to other regions. 

In this overview, we will tell you about: 

  • the registration rules, 
  • interface, 
  • in your private office, 
  • the 10Cric website terms of use, 
  • bonuses, 
  • entertainment and betting. 

We’ve highlighted the most important topics in a paragraph; if you still have questions after reading this review, leave your questions in the comments section or go to the FAQs section. 

You will have the option of contacting technical support. The 10Cric betting shop interface. 10Cric is a licensed online gambling entertainment provider. 

With the development of the virtual space, online casinos and betting shops have begun to take a strong lead in the online space. 

This popularity is due to 

  • accessibility to online resources, 
  • by their ease of use, 
  • the ease with which deposits can be made, 
  • the reality of winnings. 

Usability comes first. And the 10Cric bookmaker’s interface fully takes into account all the requirements and needs of its users with its resource. 

The website is therefore provided with quality software and a well-developed design. 

The design aims to be intuitive in understanding the structure of the site. This way, even a new player who does not yet have a personal account can understand which section they need and how to interact with the 10Cric website. 

The interface is designed in the brand’s traditionally clever colours: 

  1. white, 
  2. black, 
  3. yellow.
  • White and black are used as backgrounds and to highlight secondary elements. Yellow highlights the most important elements of the interface design. 
  • The dynamic banner is traditionally aimed at an Indian flavour. This way, 10Cric shows its focus on the Indian public and respects their traditions. 

Also you understand from the name of the brand itself that the 10Cric website specialises in betting on a particular sport. We’ll talk about that a little later and tell you the rules. 

Personal account registration on the 10Cric website. 

In order to play without restrictions and to bet on 10Cric you need to create a personal account. A private office, a personal profile, an account are all the same thing. You create a Private Office by registering on the website. Registration is the submission of your personal data for the system to process it and create your account. 

  • Only people who are of legal age and fully responsible for their actions may register. 
  • The system assumes only one registration from one real person. In this way, the online casino insures itself against the attack of internet robots. 
  • You can only create one account, if the system sees that you have tried to create several accounts, they may be deleted without warning. 
  • You will enter a number of your personal details when you register, but don’t worry about this as the website maintains a privacy policy. There is a document on the website called a privacy policy which describes how your personal data is handled.
  • You have the right to read this document and accept this agreement. Your personal data will only be used to improve the website and your interaction with you, and will not be shared with third parties. 
Registration is done in 3 steps: 
  • the first stage of registration on the 10Cric website.

on the home page of the 10Cric website you will need to find the ‘register’ button. Click on this button and wait for the form to open. 

The form to fill in will require the following personal information: 

  1. select your gender, 
  2. enter your name, 
  3. write your surname, 
  4. date of birth, 
  5. the correct e-mail address.

Please note that all information must be entered correctly, be valid and belong to you. We will not be held responsible for any mistakes you make during registration. 

  • the second stage of registration on the 10Cric website.

In the next step, you will be required to enter information that is in the nature of contacts: 

  1. specify the country, 
  2. where you live, 
  3. give your phone number, 
  4. write down your residential address, 
  5. indicate the city in which you live, 
  6. write the postcode.

Once you have completed the second stage and clicked «confirm», the system will redirect you to the third stage of registration. The third step is the final stage of registration, after which you will need to verify your account. 

  • the third stage of registration on the 10Cric website.

This is the final and final step to create your personal account. This step will open a form for you to fill in, in which you need to enter your credentials: 

  1. the first to come up with a password, 
  2. confirm the invented password, 
  3. to check that you are not a robot. 

At this stage you will need to come up with a password, which will be the key to access your personal account. The password needs to be complex and not easy to guess. We do not recommend to use simple combinations of words and symbols. Do not use your name, date of birth and easy combinations of digits in your password. 

Try to use at least 8 characters, which will include numbers, letters, letters of different case, special characters. Please note that your password should not contain spaces, and when entering your password when logging in, there should be no unnecessary characters. 

Once you have come up with a password, the next field you need to re-enter it, in order for the system to determine if they match. The robot check assumes that you are a live person and complete an easy task. In the case of the 10Cric website it is to write a captcha — these are symbols, or rather a picture of certain symbols, which you need to enter in the adjacent field. 

You will be given a picture and you will have to type the characters you see in it. In this way you will be able to prove that you are a real person and you have the right to create your own account

This completes the registration process and you are ready to confirm your personal account. In order to confirm and complete the creation of your personal account, an activation email with a link will be sent to the indicated email address. By clicking on this link you will confirm and complete the creation of a personal account. After this procedure you are ready to go back to the website and log in to your personal cabinet. In order to log in you will need your name and password.

Rules for entering information on the 10Cric website

There are certain conditions that the information you provide to the 10Cric website must meet:

  • The first thing you must do is to enter only correct information that corresponds to reality and belongs to you. In other words, you may not create a personal account in another person’s name or link someone else’s card. Your date of birth must correspond to your date of birth, as this is necessary to prove your age of majority. 
  • All information provided to the 10Cric website must be written without errors.
  • The personal data must belong exclusively to you. The first and last name you enter when registering is necessary to establish your identity in the event of a difficult situation. And in the case of questions about financial transactions, to determine who owns the account. 
  • The choice of currency should be made thoughtfully. The currency chosen at the time of registration will be the currency in which all transactions will be carried out, including depositing your account, withdrawing winnings and so on. Choose your currency carefully. 
  • There are several payment systems available for you to use and choose from. Read the terms and conditions of each payment system carefully. Each of them has its own rules and regulations. 
  • Read and familiarise yourself with the privacy policy, terms and conditions of use of the website. This way you will know who owns what responsibility and what rights you as a customer have. 
  • Everything is written in detail in these documents and you will need to state that you are familiar with these rules when you register. Do not entrust your account to other people. Do not give your username and password to third parties who may use your game account for their own gain. 
  • Use your personal account only yourself. 
  • If you have an app, don’t trust your mobile phone to outsiders.

10Cric casino bonuses and promotions. 

10Cric Casino offers cool promotions and generous bonuses. The bonus system is a system that rewards players for their activity on the site. Bonuses can be divided into varieties: 

  1. welcome, 
  2. supportive, 
  3. personal. 

A welcome bonus means that you are entitled to a certain gift at the time of registration. In other words, you are already entitled to a certain bonus for creating a personal account. At the time of writing this review, the bonus is double the amount deposited. And the accrual of ten freespins when betting on various sports. 

You will need to enter a promo code when you register; if you don’t manage to do this, go to the promotions section in your personal account. And try to apply your promo code. If you have any problems applying your promo code and participating in the promotion, contact Customer Service. We will tell you how to do this and how to interact with the technical support team next.

Supporting bonuses is roughly a loyalty programme. What does it mean? The Loyalty Program is a system to support and motivate active players. This starts the moment you have been playing and betting on 10Cric for some time, and is designed to keep you interested for a while. It can apply to certain types of entertainment, for example sports betting or roulette. 

Keep an eye out for promotion updates in the news section, and log in to your personal account in the promotions section and check out all the bonuses available to you. Personalised bonuses mean you can send out your own personalised promo codes. 

Such bonuses can, for example, come to you on your birthday. For this purpose you have specified your day and date of birth. Personal bonuses can also be awarded for certain achievements in various sports. That’s why we kindly ask you to enter your current e-mail address, because we will keep you up to date with our newsletters and information about the bonuses available to you. Follow the updates and stay tuned. In order to take advantage of the bonuses you will need:

  • have a personal account on the 10Cric website, 
  • make a cash deposit, 
  • enter and activate the promo code, 
  • after all the conditions have been met. 

An important point is the fact that all promo codes have certain rules. That is, they can be limited in time and have a number of conditions. Only if all the requirements of the promo code are met will the bonus be credited. How it works. 

(For example, a promotional code is only valid for a month and the bonus programme is available until the end of the month. The bonus programme only applies to one sport. For example on cricket. So, you need to perform certain actions in the game in a month, top up your personal balance with a certain amount of money, then the bonus will be credited).

How to make a deposit into a 10Cric casino account. 

10Cric Casino and the bookmaker’s office suggest that you deposit your betting account correctly. A deposit is a deposit of money, for the purpose of gambling with it. You are the sole person in charge of these funds and you should use them to make bets and withdrawals. In order to deposit money to your game account the system 10Cric offers you various ways, among which are

  • bank transfer, 
  • payment system astropay, 
  • pay by VISA card, 
  • money transfers from MasterCard, 
  • skrill payment system and some others. 

You will see all the payment systems provided in more detail in the footer of the website. 

  • Please note that each system has its own deposit limits. They have restrictions on the minimum amount to be deposited and the time limit for depositing funds. 
  • How long it takes for funds to be credited to your account does not depend on the 10Cric website but rather on the payment system you use. For example it may take a few hours for a bank transfer and a few minutes for skrill. 

Wait for the funds to be credited to your account before you can start betting. In order to deposit money into your account, you must complete the following steps: register or log in to your personal cabinet, find the deposit button in your account, and follow the prompts. 

  • By clicking on the «top-up» button, you will be presented with a field offering various payment systems. 
  • choose a suitable payment system, 
  • enter your personal details and the amount of the payment. 
  • confirm their actions. 
  • Wait for the money to be credited to the account. 

Once you have made a deposit you can apply your first bonuses, participate in promotional programmes, bet on sports entertainment and live casino without restrictions.

Log in to your 10Cric account. 

10Cric Casino invites you to login using the credentials you entered during registration. You must already have a personal account registered in order to log in. If you have saved a password and name to log in to your account, use them. 

If you have forgotten your account details, you should contact technical support. In order to log in to your account, the following steps must be followed: 

  1. go to the official 10Cric website, 
  2. press the «enter» button, 
  3. enter your username and password. 

Once you have logged in you can use all the available features of 10Cric Casino. We have already written about what your password needs to be in the registration section. A reminder that your password has to be strong and must be kept out of reach of third parties. Because the password is the key to your personal account. 

10Cric casino games and entertainment. 

10Cric Casino has four areas of gambling entertainment provision.

All gambling entertainment can be divided into several sections: 

  1. sports games, 
  2. live casino, 
  3. Indian-themed games, 
  4. slots.

We will now take a closer look at each section and explain the specifics of interacting with that section. Sports gambling involves the possibility of betting on sports. 

A large number of sports are available for you to bet on. From the name, you know that the predominant sport on 10Cric is cricket. 

Cricket is a traditional Indian pastime which came to India from Britain. We’ll tell you about the history to the river in the next paragraph, But now we’ll tell you about the betting conditions. The minimum bet is five pounds sterling. This is at the time of writing this review. The terms and conditions may change over time. And you have a variety of sports available to you:

  1. football, 
  2. badminton, 
  3. hockey, 
  4. cybersport and a few others. 

A great opportunity to bet on cyber sports. Not all online casinos and betting shops yet offer this option.

Cricket review at 10Cric Casino

Cricket came to the world from Great Britain and has spread all over the planet. It has become particularly popular in India, and is now practically the national sport. The popularity of croquet and India is due to its excitement, the beauty of the game and the intensity of the process. If you have a good understanding of the rules of cricket, know your strongest players and team, and understand the field they are playing on, you can estimate their chances of winning. The essence of betting on sports is the player’s ability to estimate the outcome of an event. This requires not only intuition, but also a good knowledge of the sport. If you are able to compare all the factors, you may be able to calculate with which result the match will end. Therefore, by clicking on the cricket tab, you need to select the championship and see which teams are taking part there. The interface screen will show you the betting options and the odds. 

With a good analytical mind and a mathematical approach you can calculate your final winnings. And understand the probability that you will win or not. Therefore, betting on sports is not just about luck, but absolutely specific knowledge. 

Overview of Football at 10Cric Casino

Football is the second most popular sport on the 10Cric website. And one of the world’s most popular sports. The 10Cric website gives you the opportunity to bet on all levels of football competition from local championships to world events. You can bet on the Indian Super League, the series and the Champions League. You can place these bets worldwide by creating a personal account on 10Cric. 10Cric offers some of the best odds on sports betting. 

Badminton review on 10Cric

Badminton is the third most popular entertainment on 10Cric. You can choose your championship level, from local to international, and bet on the team you think qualifies to win. You can watch the highlights of the badminton betting world, including 

  • the Canadian Open Championship, 
  • premier badminton league, 
  • badminton association of india. 

Audience India is one of the brightest fans of badminton.

Overview of the Hockey game at 10Cric Casino

The game of hockey, the entertainment of puck and stick on the ice, stirs the minds of Indian fans. There is a large number of Indian hockey fans who are ready to bet on their favourite teams. To do so, one needs to understand the level and ranking of the event and the chances of a particular team winning. 

Overview of cyber sports at 10Cric Casino

Cyber sports betting is a completely new trend in sports betting, involving betting on athletes competing in a cyber sports championship. Cyber sports is virtual entertainment in which the role of the players is played by virtual characters. cybersport is gaining popularity around the world, and sports betting allows you to guess which player or team will win. This is a very entertaining form of entertainment, especially as computer games are getting better and better every year. Nowadays, computer games are a combination of high-end software, cool design and beautiful music. Try to play cybersport and you’ll understand how exciting it is.

How to bet on sports on 10Cric.

With 10Cric, it offers betting odds in a variety of formats. It offers some of the best odds of winning among other online casinos. You can consider different betting options to suit you.

Betting on sports can be done in several ways: Betting on sports involves putting money down on the outcome of an event that you are sure of. If you have guessed the correct outcome, the bet is considered to be played. 

This way, you will profit for your decision. Online casino 10Cric. online casino offers official gambling entertainment. 

Live Casino from 10Cric Casino.

10Cric Casino has not stayed away from the popular live casino format. Live casino play allows you to have the opportunity to interact with the actual playing field. Communication is done online via video link. 

  • You, thanks to video cameras, watch the action on the gaming table. 
  • A live dealer handles the dealings. It is usually a young boy or girl. 10Cric casinos have a video link to the gaming floor where the dealers are usually dressed in traditional national dress, which emphasises the Indian flavour and respect for tradition. You can choose any entertainment in the live casino format of baccarat, poker, roulette and so on. 

Depending on which game you know the rules of better, you can play it. The advantage of a live casino from 10Cric is that you can not only watch a live dealer, but also communicate with him. Through a live casino, the customer gets the feeling of being in the gaming space itself. This is particularly important when a player is unable to visit a real casino. This way, you can feel like a full participant in the process from the comfort of your own home. In order to play a live casino you need a stable internet connection.

Indian entertainment at 10Cric Casino

Many games with a traditional Indian flavour are popular on 10Cric. Among these games you will find 

  • andar bahar, 
  • three patty cards, 
  • cricket betting. 

Cricket as we’ve written before It’s one of the most popular sports in India. And you can not only bet but also play the online version of cricket. The next most popular game is kabaddi. It is one of the ancient Indian games, the rules of which almost everyone in India knows. 

It’s a fun game that not only allows you to watch the interesting process, but also to withdraw your winnings. Playing kabaddi is a great pastime and an opportunity to win. Andar bahar. This is an Indian card game that has come to us from way back in the ages. Already more than a few hundred years ago, this game was known to the people of India. And almost everyone knows the rules. If you are a fan, you can try to bet in it and get winnings. 

Three card patty is another fairly popular game, which is a type of poker, in the Indian interpretation. You can play patty in live casino mode, thus watching the gameplay. 

Slots from 10Cric Casino.

A slot is a form of gambling entertainment that involves betting on an automated slot machine system. The history of slot machines dates back to the 19th century. Originally, they were mechanical automatic machines with rotating reels. With a lever, the player could start the process of moving the reels, which at the time of stopping showed a certain combination of symbols. If all the symbols in the combination were the same, the player got all the money, the previous players who did not win. Thus, before a player was lucky during the circumstances, he could rip off a whole bunch of slot machines gained a lot of popularity and can still be found in various casinos around the world. 

But advances in software and computer design have made it possible to bring the slot machine system into virtual space. Today, the software allows you to mimic a slot machine game by offering visually the same mechanism of action. Now, however, it’s not the mechanics that are responsible for the symbols falling out, but rather a random number generator. That way, you’re protected from being cheated, since the software is responsible for the slots’ operation. And that’s an unbiased and objective approach. 

Slots today have a wide variety; they can be timed to a date or event, adapted for men or women, and have a theme. The most popular slots are still those with numbers, fruit and animals. But over time, the slots have become more complex, with additional sections and interaction terms appearing. In order to play the slot correctly you need to familiarize yourself with the rules. This game allows you to win fairly quickly, since the slot machine session itself lasts just a few seconds. Particularly popular in recent years gaining the slot aviator You can read that this entertainment. And maybe you like it.

10Cric casino app

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular today. It is very difficult to imagine anyone unfamiliar with this device. Mobile phones have been in everyone’s hands since early childhood and have become a constant companion in our lives. Today, almost all aspects of our lives are concentrated on the mobile phone: calendars, notebooks, addresses, correspondence and so on. 

Online casinos have not been spared and have started offering the opportunity to play their entertainment from a mobile phone. But if you access the site via a browser, you need a fairly strong Internet connection and a lot of traffic. The solution was to create the 10Cric app. 

An app is software that is installed once on your mobile phone. And as such, it consumes considerably less Internet traffic. You only need to log in once, because you always have your phone in your hand and you always have access to entertainment. 

The mobile app is designed for two types of existing phone operating systems: 

  1. android, 
  2. iOS. 

These are two different mobile phone systems that are respectively suitable for conventional phones and apple technology. 

In order to download the correct software you need to select the application that suits your phone’s operating system. Once fully downloaded, you will need to activate the application and log in to your personal account. If you don’t have a personal cabinet or account yet in the 10Cric casino system, we suggest you go through the registration procedure. We have explained how to complete the registration in a few steps in the relevant chapter of this review, you can register your account via the app. 

The app is visually and functionally consistent with the official 10Cric website. This means that all designs, colours, functionality and options are available from the app in unlimited quantities. 

If you had any bonuses, they will be available to you when you play from the app. You can continue playing continuously, switching between your computer at home and your phone somewhere on the move. Consequently, you have the opportunity to place bets and play even when travelling or on breaks at work. however, you should not get too carried away with gambling entertainment, as it occasionally involves spending money. You are reminded that gambling entertainment is only a pleasant pastime, but not your main income. Therefore, do not bet on money intended for necessities.

10Cric casino technical support service. 

10Cric Casino allows its customers to stay in touch with technical support specialists. Technical support is a service that provides advice and assistance. If you have any problem, can’t log in to your Secure Client Area, or can’t figure out how to wagering your bonus, get in touch with our support team. Generally speaking, the above are the major issues you may encounter when playing games on 10Cric. As far as the software is concerned all the other options work fine. We recommend that you try and fix the problems yourself before contacting technical support: 

  • check that your personal details and promotional code symbols have been filled in correctly. 

Please note that the details must match those you entered during registration. The characters of the promo codes must be in full accordance with the promo code and must not contain any additional letters, numbers, special characters or spaces. If you have checked all the information and it is entered correctly, you can proceed to the next step. 

  • Refer to the frequently asked questions or search for a solution on the internet.

If the situation is not resolved, you can go to the FAQs to see if anyone has asked the question before. The system has already provided an answer to the question asked. This approach will save you a lot of time, but if you cannot find a solution either on the Internet or in this section, you can contact technical support. 

  • Contact technical support.

If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, go to the official 10Cric website, click on «technical support». A window will open allowing you to enter into an online chat with a specialist. In this window you will need to introduce yourself and write your question. 

Try to make your point concisely and clearly so that the staff member can understand it. Wait for some time while the staff member searches for an answer for you. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, all week. This means that at any time of the day or night a qualified person is available to help you with your questions.


Why create a personal account on the 10Cric website?

A private office is needed to be able to place bets and have no restrictions on games.

How many 10Cric accounts can I create?

Just one.

Are there any deposit limits?

The minimum deposit amount depends on the deposit method selected.