Who Is Responsible For The Attack On Yatris?

    The attack on Amarnath pilgrims is highly reprehensible. This is very against values and ethos with which we live. This despicable act is being condemned in absolute terms by all in a spectrum.


    Police in its presser called “they attacked security bunker which was repulsed, then on naka-party in which this bus came to attack.”

    They were not given security escort as they were not registered as Yatris.
    To political class — their minions and fascists– who derive happiness from the death of Kashmiris as well.

    To those who reacted death of a 14 Year kid with a barrage of abuses, and say being Kashmiri he is destined to die.

    To those who use violence in Kashmiri for political gains.

    This is what a death does — yes, it shatters you from the core. This is deja vu for us as we are being used to violence.

    When you are mourning their deaths, do think of thousands of victims of violence –which is sanctioned and supported by you.


    Even the identity of perpetrators of this inhumane act remains unknown there was condemnation without any ‘whataboutery’; in vale — from all sides of the deep ideological divide. This attack can have repercussions beyond the vale, this can be used to sanction “unbridled” force to shun away dissidents in the vale.

    Narrative of this being religious is flawed.

    It was local populace their who rushed them to the hospital. Hundreds with open arms went to the hospital to donate blood. One of the donors said, “will use the last drop of my blood to save them.”

    This made even union home minister of India say “spirit of Kashmiryat is alive.”

    While many fascists in mainland which include “celebrities”, so called “leaders” were demanding to “cull” –to hunt or kill (animals) as a means of population control, Kashmiris. People here were outraged because of this despicable act and many were busy donating blood, helping injured.

    Many in mainland India believe in “Hawaniyat” — inhumanity .”Kashmiryat” won over “Hawaniyat”.

    It is now the duty of the state to have an impartial and independent probe to investigate this & come forth with an outcome. No Rebel organisation have claimed this attack, they should also come clear on this.

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