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Scientifically proven -- men go crazy for blondes, redheads are the least attracted to them

Breakthrough films often affect fashion, lifestyle and the general notion of beauty. It’s hard to say if this will be My Week with Marilyn, who has just hit theaters. In any case, research shows that a sensual blonde with a visage of the divine Monroe is an ideal even today.

Scientists Viren Swami and Seishin Barrett of the University of Winchester found out if gentlemen really prefer blondes. They decided to explore how today’s men approach women based on hair color. They highlighted the natural color to a group of blondes, brunettes and redheads, and sent them out to hunt …

Women as prey

The first part of the study took place in three selected London clubs, where the authors sent 120 tested men. Eventually, they added up the number of times the men made contact with a blonde or other group. The results were not very surprising - blondes were contacted a total of sixty times, brunettes 42 times and red mane owners only eighteen times.

In the second part, the researchers presented photographs of the same men to the same men and asked them about the qualities they assign to blondes, brunettes and scars. Here the brunettes won all over. Men rated them as the most attractive, the smartest, the most capable, but also the most arrogant.

As expected, the redheads were marked as the most temperamental. And the blondes? They gained the largest number of points in only one category: independence. Thus, even though men rate them by far the worst, they are most attracted to them “in reality”. Maybe also because they subconsciously want to be a support for a woman, which blondes in trouble can provide them …

Blondes are a promise to men

How is it possible? “Blondes fulfill the general ideal of beauty because they are more evolutionarily valuable and therefore more welcome,” says psychologist Marta Boučková. “Primarily men are more attractive because they see in them the promise of nice and healthy offspring.”

According to her, it is a little different with long-term coexistence. “It is no longer enough to be attractive and produce beautiful children, a woman is required to be smart, kind or pleasant. In a union of two people, character traits already play a greater role than appearance,” explains the psychologist why men are attracted to blondes, but for women marry brunettes.

Whether you are a blonde, brunette, redhead or have a pink-purple topping, you do not have to worry about lack of interest. The instincts control men only to a certain extent, as a result what you have in your head is more important than what you have in your head.