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Bringing Back The Lost Paradise, Kashmir

Prague, Czech Republic “Tu mera noor he Tu mera he fakhar Zakhmi he thoda, thoda ziddi Kashmir, yeh lahu luhaan pal tu thode or seh le, Majboor hun kayar...

Sing Me Freedom, Sing Me Cries

sing me blood, sing me life sing me a story, sing a prise sing me revolution, sing me fear sing me martyrdom, sing me tears...

Deepak Kalal – The Indian Tourist with a ‘Moh’

https://www.instagram.com/p/BR28hFXjgdM Earlier this year, a tourist in a 'canoe' was recording a video, explaining his experience of Kashmir. It was not the usual certificate of...

An Open Letter To The People Of India On Their Independence Day – From...

Dear people of India, happy 70 years of Independence. Congratulations on your freedom (Azaadi) from a foreign occupation. You fought the British bravely and...
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