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Eid Has Finally Come

Eid has finally come. It always comes. In the best of times and the worst. Yes, we will polish off the finest bakery in...

Was Ayub Pandith Killed Because Of His Surname?

There's nothing that can justify the brutality in the manner which Ayub Pandith was killed by a mob. But as it has been happening...

21 Beautiful Ramadan Pictures From Kashmir That Explain Our ‘Rozdari’

A post shared by Hilal Ahmad (@hilalahmmad) on Jun 22, 2017 at 5:00am PDT A post shared by Hilal Ahmad...

“How I Was Chased And Then Killed With Pellets” – Story of Nasir Shafi

My name is Nasir Shafi; my mother calls me Moomin; I am 11 years old. One evening, I was leaving our local masjid towards...
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