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Rozdari is here, What does it hold for Kashmiris?

It is that time of the year again. Rozdars will be pretty delighted. Scores of lamb will be slaughtered in the back-alleys of Srinagar, limbs...

Six Exceptional Instagrammers from Kashmir

Tired of refreshing your timeline and finding the same old pictures? The same old quotes. Same old sketches. You tapped the right link. Scroll down...

Madhosh Balhami responds to a tribute to his lost poems

مدہوش بالہامی بنامِ زابرہ فاضلی تاریخ۔ 12 اپریل 2018 زابرہ میری بیٹی اے میری نورِ بصر مرہمِ زخمِ جگر میرے لٸے ہیں تیرے جزبات ایسا لگتا ہے کہ...

Kashmir’s Asaram Bapu that no one wants to talk about

Year 2002, I was 14, when my uncle came across Aijaz Sheikh, also known as Aijaz Molvi, who claimed to have memorised the Quran....
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