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Periods, Sanitary Pads And The Taboos

I am an adult now. Ever since the onset of my puberty, I have been taught, or I just picked it up, to not talk about certain things. The most important of them being my periods. My experiences outlined. I asked my aunt out of...

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Color Obsession, Stereotypes and Racism

The obsession with fair colour in Kashmir is a sad aspect of our society, which at times takes the ugly form of racism. What...
ISJK, ISIS, Daesh,

The art of propaganda

A Kashmiri journalist wrote this earlier this week. I have nothing against anybody, but if there are news reports, which consistently push an agenda for...

A Fateful Morning

I was driving back to home from my workplace, located on the wedge of a mountain range in the southern districts of Kashmir. On the...

JK Tourism caught between public relations campaign and alleged corruption

A picture showing a teenage boy playing cricket with policemen in a curfewed street near Jamia Masjid Nowhatta, Srinagar went viral. Many politicians and...
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