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Sing Me Freedom, Sing Me Cries

sing me blood, sing me life sing me a story, sing a prise sing me revolution, sing me fear sing me martyrdom, sing me tears...

Deepak Kalal – The Indian Tourist with a ‘Moh’

https://www.instagram.com/p/BR28hFXjgdM Earlier this year, a tourist in a 'canoe' was recording a video, explaining his experience of Kashmir. It was not the usual certificate of...

An Open Letter To The People Of India On Their Independence Day – From...

Dear people of India, happy 70 years of Independence. Congratulations on your freedom (Azaadi) from a foreign occupation. You fought the British bravely and...

26 Rare Pictures From Jammu Genocide & India – Pakistan Partition In 1947

70 years ago, happened one of the largest mass migrations in the history of mankind. It resulted in countless deaths as well as the...
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