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A Half Widow And Her Family – Stories Of Hope And Despair

22 November 2015, while driving back home from a marriage ceremony of my friend it was 9:30 pm when I found someone lying on...

Wails From The Vale – Kashmir

I cry I wail I mourn, Rain soaked Embracing an hour-long pseudo worldly charm. Forgotten are my vows, To be steadfast like my ancestors! Yet again, I cry I wail...

9 Incidents Where Indian Courts Set Free The Guilty

A couple of days ago, a military court suspended life sentence punishments against six of army personnel accused of cold blooded muder of 3...

Alleys Of Downtown

An alley of downtown: long but not so long, knotted, wearing light brown rusty caps, exhaling cool shadows, history reclining and sighing, future floating,...
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