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Muhammad Faysal
Muhammad Faysal was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. One of the founding members of WK. He was also the features editor at WithKashmir.

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Six Ways To Stop ‘Braid-Chopping’ Incidents In Kashmir

With over hundred cases of braid-chopping in Kashmir, the incidents have not only created hysteria but also fear in the masses. The government that...

Braid Chopping – Women’s Voices from Downtown

It seems as if the Kashmiris haven’t had enough yet! The bullets and pellets now have a partner in crime to haunt poor valleyites...

Downtown Locks Doors To Braid Chopper

The braid chopper is here... It is neither a supernatural power nor a witch or a ghost. The pattern of it is that as soon...

The Love Birds Of Dystopia

She smacked the table and left the thud restless. This is the beat of her life too -- restless. She grabs her red sling bag...
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