Bupinder Singh

Bupinder Singh
Raised in the valley of Kashmir where ghosts whisper stories into his ears, 'Fidoic' writes on socio-political issues and has been published widely in the likes of The Week, The Big Round Table, Criterion, Unlost journal and many more.

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Kamran Yousuf

Kamran Yousuf caught between baseless charges and failed journalist fraternity

On 4 September 2017, Kamran Yousuf a freelance photojournalist working for leading local daily Greater Kashmir, received a call from the local police station...

Report: India to throttle internet in Kashmir to curb online dissent

According to a report in a Jammu-based newspaper the Daily Times, administration is planning to throttle internet speed to curb dissent. The report quotes a...

So must have been she!

Sometimes days turn into nights and nights spilled into months and we hadn’t seen each other. I knew she wouldn’t venture out; neither did...

One Last Goodbye

One fine Friday morning, miles away from home, I woke up to a few missed calls and a “Call me back” text from my...
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