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Carrying the responsibility of our history, With Kashmir was born. In a time, when there is an absence of a strong and well-defined narrative. The vacuum has to be filled with eloquent and opinionated voices from Kashmir. In languages that define our diversity, and presented in an appealing way. With Kashmir is the first multilingual and a multimedia platform that is supported by a network of opinionated bloggers, poets, artists and political commentators.

To defeat the bias and the false narratives imposed on Kashmir and its people. Kashmir writes back to humanise, factualise and project the people in its real essence. We at With Kashmir take pride in calling spade a spade, and at the same time reflecting and educating the people of Kashmir itself.

How we were born

With Kashmir was established as a digital media company in 2016 by a group of Kashmiri bloggers across Kashmir and around the world. The vision was simple, to bring the bloggers to one single platform and syndicate their work.
The diversity of our team and content has been widely appreciated.

Within no time not only have we become an influential indigenous Kashmiri voice but also a place where the narrative of the streets emerges.

Our team is voluntary consists of all Kashmiris: journalists, doctors, engineers, writers, poets, visual artists. We have Kashmiris who are in the country, as well as Kashmiri refugees and expatriates around the world.

Our website domain that was originally registered by a Kashmiri Refugee outside Kashmir before the team management took over and established it in Srinagar. Currently, our digital media company is under the process of being legally established and registered with its head office in Srinagar.

We believe in the independence of our journalism. We value our community and we shall keep lighting the spirit of Kashmir.

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Our Authors

Aasif Ganaie
Aatina Malik
Basharat Ali
Bilal Ahmad
Bupinder Singh
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai
Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Harun Lone
Huma Dar
Kahkashan Kaif Al Salih
Mir Seeneen
Muhammad Faysal
Naveed Lone
Nikhil Kapahi
Perveiz Ali
Ruman Hamdani
Saqib Majeed
Shah Faheem
Sharafat Ali
Walking Zoon
Waseem Mukhtar
Wasim Khalid