Six Exceptional Instagrammers from Kashmir

Tired of refreshing your timeline and finding the same old pictures? The same old quotes. Same old sketches.
You tapped the right link. Scroll down as we introduce to you some awesome instagrammers from Kashmir doing exceptionally amazing stuff!

For these six artists, Instagram not only serves as a social networking site keeping there boredom at bay, but it is more like a platform connecting them with the worldwide audience who appreciate their work and encourages them to get better!

Let’s start with the most energetic profile.

1. Junaid Naseerr (@junaid_naseerr__)

Junaid is an EDM producer hailing from Pattan. This eighteen year old lad fell for electronic music so bad, that it urged him to produce his own tracks. With the help of a few friends and internet, Junaid learnt creating EDMs in a few months.
Junaid shared his EDMs on instagram and earned huge appreciation.

“My tracks got played by artists like W&W, Maurice West, Julian Jordan and this motivated me”

Junaid dreams to go outside state and play his tracks in shows like Sunburn and Supersonic. He holds W&W as his inspiration as their music is off the charts.

When asked if he has some Kashmiri remixes in stock, Junaid said that he is working on a Kashmiri track with a friend of his and they will release it soon.

Follow Junaid on Instagram @junaid_naseerr__

2. Barooja (@barooja)

Are you following the same old artists who sketch Zayn Malik or Rihana’s viral pictures? Well that might take some effort but real effort is when you paint your mind out. That’s what this twenty six years old artist, Barooja does.

Barooja’s jaw dropping imagination is going to make you scroll down to the bottom of her profile!

Her hobby turned into a habit during the 2016 uprising. “Art kept me sane.” That’s when she aquired the best of her skills.

“I started with portraits but now I am trying to keep my art more Halal.” Barooja said.

Her paintings depict the beauty she sees in every emotion and feeling.The colours on her canvas depict Kashmir in its moments of grace and moments of pain.

“I work primarily with watercolor on paper. I love the flow of water and color and how it takes its own course. Working with watercolor gives me sense of control and contentment.”
Barooja’s philosophy of life is if you are doing something, do it to the best of your capability!

Check out her amazing artworks and follow her to add some colours to your timeline – @barooja.

3. Huma Bhat (@_poetic_mess)

“Missionary school students cannot speak Kashmiri”

This myth runs deep in our society and to bust it, our next featured instagrammer is Huma Bhat. An alumna of Presentation Convent School and a graduate student, Huma is a Kashmiri poetess.
As you read the lines of her poem, may seem like reading a senior poet with an experience of ten years in poetry, the fact being her friendship with poetry is only a year old.
She wrote Kashmiri poems and shared her work on Instagram, but recently lost her audience of 9K when her account got deleted due to some technical snag.
She shares her work through a new handle now @_poetic_mess

Huma writes in three languages: Kashmiri, Urdu and English in the order of preference.
Her inspirations are the famous poets of Kashmir like Nunde Raesh, Samad Mir, Habba Khatoon et cetera.

“Conflict moulded me into a better artist. I have grown up seeing the human atrocities in my homeland and that pain is reflected in my poetry.” She added.

Her love for poetry is irreplaceable. Huma says poetry is an inseparable spiritual feeling.

Huma broke the most exciting news for WK readers when she said she will be publishing her book of 100 Kashmiri poems this year.

Till then, we leave you with this poem.

4. Mujeeb Hafiz (@mujeebhafiz)

Is your feed spammed with blossoms and tulips? Can’t take cliched Dal Lake and Boulevard photos in your feed anymore?
You are a click away from treating your eyes with some cool and out of the world pictures!

Our fourth featured Instagrammer is a 21 year old photographer, Mujeeb Hafiz, who owns one of the neatest galleries on instagram. Hetarted creating photographs in 2014 and since past four years his pictures are only driving audience more and more curious.

“The most important element of my photo is it’s ability to evoke emotion.” Mujeeb said.

Mujeeb wants to tell stories from his homeland like Peter Mckinnon, who he calls his inspiration.

“Nothing can change my love for photography. It has served as a statement of myself.” Mujeeb said.

Though well aware of how MBBS and engineering suppresses the art as a career choice in Kashmir, Mujeeb’s love for photography remains unaffected.

Mujeeb is currently working on a short film.

Without any delays, redirecting you to his soothing profile – @mujeebhafiz

5. Dr. Mohsen Shah (@zikrejaana)

Next up- A Kashmiri doctor, who poems should be a part of his prescription for our ailing hearts.

My life
is a pilgrimage now.
Your heart, my kaaba



He is internationally known for his poetry and his poems have been featured in Europe, Pakistan and America. He has been a part of many literature festivals where he spoke about love, sufism, and poetry.

He was born to a family of Sufis and witnessed the war of 1990s.
Being a descendant of Kubrawi Sufi, his poems strive to spread the message of universal love, tolerance, peace and communion with God.

Sufism has been an integral part of Kashmir’s culture, and Mohsin is keeping it alive with every word he pens down.

His words reflect the pain and suffering of Kashmir.

“I carry the message of Sufism in one hand and the pain of Kashmir in the other. The longing of love is lodged under my skin. My poems are three mirrors: Sufism. Love. Kashmir. They reflect each other to illuminate – there’s one universal light.”
Mohsen said.

Follow @zikrejaana on Instagram.

6. Kashmir and Me @kashmirandme

Our last feature on this blog is a latest instagrammer who turns his audience’s world “upside down” with his poetry recitals.

Agha Shahid Ali, Kashmir and me. #kashmirandme #AghaShahidAli #kashmir

A post shared by Kashmir and Me (@kashmirandme) on

This 23 year old is a Kashmiri MBBS student who manages Agha Shahid Ali, Faiz, and Mahjoor in harmony with Pathology, Pharmacology, Medicine and Surgery.
Kashmir and Me, as he likes to be called, is presenting vlogs as a refreshing and learning experience.

Though a beginner lacking high-end equipment, he is trying to manufacture his work at the highest production value possible.

In just a few months, KnM has made people get addicted to poetry.

“I had exams recently and I didn’t upload for a couple of weeks and people would actually ask me why there is delay; and I absolutely love this connection.”

Kashmir and Me goes live from @captivatingkashmir (Kashmir’s instagram page with highest followers) occasionally to do a live poetry session. The audience has been loving it and want the frequency of these live sessions to go up.

In film making, Peter Mckinnon and Casey Niestat are his inspirations.
And in the voice-overs, he looks up to Sir David Attenborough.

So, the exciting news that KnM has for us-

“Going beyond casual reading, I am trying to bring in the stuff that the viewers connect to at a more personal level, so really pumped for that.” He told WK.

Here’s the link to his Instagram profile (@kashmirandme) and Youtube Channel – Kashmir and Me that will make you fall in love with poetry.

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