Dogs’ Own Country

I am a Dog

Wuff, I AM A DOG. Wuff.

I yawn, scratch my ears and sleep mostly during a day like bakers.

I’m everywhere, from filthy streets to macadamized colonies to hospitals to graveyards to universities to city centres to press colonies to river bunds to strolling parks to everywhere your sight reaches and reclines!

I’m terror and I’m terrorized.

I’ m fierce, fawning and friendly.

I breathe and live in a “war zone”, witness often lonely streets, smell and search disappeared and appeared people, sniff bloating graves and bark at armed armoured cold species. Pedestrians to joggers to cars to bicycle riders to bikers, to kids to old, to women I chase them all just because I feel like a bullet does.

I terrorize the already terrorized. I love it. Am I sadistic? I’m terror irrespective of age to gender to political, ideological affiliation though I haven’t barked those who nourish me!

I’m terrorized by the occasional bouts of rage and thoughts of ordinary people whose bums and body I perforate.

Not long ago for my excessive, relentless, barking I was shot dead. People thought encounter had ensued. But it was a mistaken identity. Just because I was barking at excessive triggers around me- they couldn’t take my barking, so I was murdered with immunity and impunity. It made no news or created ripples. There were no protests even from my own community. No dog protested or mauled or killed any armed person that killed me. They were sadistic and silent. I remember the silence of my friends.


What if I taste human blood less often than bullets or those who carry those triggers? My face is not smeared with blood as theirs. My bone is my bone. I don’t change my loyalty nor do I change colours of my skin.

I always bark and my barking means barking. I don’t wear sheep’s clothing. I’m a dog and I always will be.

I’m prowling and growling. I sometimes steal space in headlines like, Dogs maul to Dogs on the prowl, Dog menace to Dog terror, Dogs danger, Dogs kill, Dogs curfew, Dogs restrictions, Dogs chases, and Dogs thrash, Dogs battered, Dogs bruised and Dogs did whatever fingers on Keyboards Imagined.

Unfair because that writer’s bum is still in shape, though I haven’t barked at his fingers!

And still, people of this lawless land collaborate and conspire.

Some plan to sterilize me, shelter me, some annihilate, some to poison me?

But thanks to animal rights activists in this human rights violated land-I’m still breathing, barking and biting!

I eat the superfluous from their filthy streets to river banks to dustbins.

In the possible dumb, dirty city to never developed villages, you will find my multicoloured shit depending on what I’m fed with. Dog shit is more available than rights!

I go on producing and they go on transferring me to other areas. I become mad once separated from my loved ones. Breastfeeding mothers are separated from suckling puppies, suckling puppies from parents, a family from its heads, and a leader from its community. Everyone is separated from everyone.

During the night I BARK and howl to put people of this land to peaceful sleep because they have to wake up to midnight knocks. During the night I witness what these sleeping people don’t witness and what any dog of other lands can’t witness.

I’m alleged of being a collaborator by seeped and sinking collaborators.

I’m victim and witness.

I perforate human rights.

But who cares?

Are there humans?

Are there Rights?

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