Bollywood film glorifies human-shields in Kashmir as an act of patriotism

    Baaghi 2 a recently released film glorifies the human shield incident in Kashmir as an act of valour and patriotism. According to various reviews, the human shield scene appears early in the movie.

    The website writes, “The human shield scene is supposed to confirm Ronnie’s deep-seated patriotism and daring, one that comes with an inbuilt applause-meter.”

    According to the NDTV review, the protagonist is an Army Commando in Kashmir who ties a man to the front of his jeep and uses him as a human shield. Wow. It is the kind of thing I expected Hindi cinema to tackle at some point, but not in a Tiger Shroff film where his reasoning for this inhumanity is that somebody burned the Indian flag.

    In September last year, the ruling Indian party BJP’s leader had started a T-Shirt company glorifying the war-crime incident. The T-Shirts have been selling fast and have been sold-out multiple times.

    It’s not the first time that Bollywood has glorified human-rights abuses in Kashmir. While the movie will rake in the money, the victim Farooq Ahmad Dar continues to suffer from the incident. The culprit Major Gogoi was not only let off but was awarded by the Indian state with a ‘bravery medal’.

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