Yawar Abdal’s Tamanna crosses 1 Million views on Youtube

Tamanna Chaani Deedaruk…, pretty sure you’ve started to sing along just like myself. Well, this beautiful song has crossed 1 million on Youtube. Tamanna by Yawar Abdal has been one of the most popular Kashmiri songs ever.

The song is a multilingual song where one gets to listen to the languages like Kashmiri, Urdu and Persian.

Tamanna’ is a song based on the poetry of three legendary poets ‘Mehjoor’, ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and ‘Ameeri Khusrow’. This song defines some of the stages of Sufis where they try to come out of this world and stop desiring for the materialistic world. The only thing they desire is the love of their beloved.

The music video has now inspired more Kashmiri singers creating a wave of music videos with fresh renditions to old and well as new songs. Yawar has been instrumental in inspiring young Kashmiris in consolidating and reviving the rich indigenous poetry of Kashmiri language.

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Yawar Abdal is a Kashmir born Pune based singer, songwriter and composer.

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