Report: India to throttle internet in Kashmir to curb online dissent

According to a report in a Jammu-based newspaper the Daily Times, administration is planning to throttle internet speed to curb dissent.

The report quotes a Home Ministry official, “We don’t want the things to drift away now.
So we are planning to first restrict the internet access by either lowering its speed considerably or by disrupting it altogether considerably. That is one of the plans we are working on and are holding talks with the telecom operator and talks are in the final stages.”

Last year, the PDP-BJP coalition government shut the internet in Kashmir at least 29 times. In fact, a social media ban was in place for a month, wherein all social media apps were barred. With human rights abuses and curbs on the rise, social media has been active in criticising the government.

The government has run social media campaigns which have included Indian film stars to project a soft image of the state. In fact, recently, social media cells have been launched for ‘awareness of social media’ in the Deputy Chief Minister’s office.

The Indian government also throttles speeds or restricts internet during the armed battles with rebels in Kashmir.