Deepak Kalal allegedly heckled in Jammu over his pro-Kashmir views

A new video surfaced online in which a few men surrounded Deepak Kalal and questioned his views over Kashmir. The popular Indian tourist was in Jammu as per his latest Instagram posts.

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The men bullying Deepak Kalal even threatened to beat him if he did not chant anti-Burhan slogans. A clearly frightened Kalal did try to refute and explain the situation in Kashmir which was responded with even more bullying.

Who is Deepak Kalal

Deepak Kalal rose to fame earlier last summer when some his video with his boatman Adil went viral in Kashmir. Deepak is also a self-proclaimed volunteer brand ambassador of Kashmir’s tourism.

In the so called Kashmiri attire.


Deepak is a known figure in Kashmir and his earliest videos have been received well in Kashmir. He has also been covered by the Indian media.

In 2017, Deepak Kalal released a video on India’s Independence Day asking the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to give “Azaadi” to Kashmir. In another similar video, he urged the Indian citizens to understand Kashmir better.

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Deepak has openly spoken about Kashmir at various occasions, hence upsetting many of his followers from outside Kashmir. In the bullying incident, Deepak finally chants anti-Burhan slogans to the wish of the men surrounding him according to whom he was responsible for maligning the image of the people of Jammu.

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