An Open Letter To Insha

Dear Insha,
Bravest daughter of Kashmir

I know you won’t be able to read this letter but I hope someone will read it aloud to you and you’ll listen to my words.

Let me first congratulate you not just for passing your 10th class examination but for also defeating an entire regime. Let me congratulate you for proving to your people the failure of an army of million soldiers. And let me congratulate you for being the bravest girl in this world. Your success cannot be praised alone by fancy words. You are an inspiration.

Dear Insha, your success has become the talk of the town. They say those steel balls that snatched your vision are invincible! But let me tell you, you have cracked those steel balls, those guns and those bullets today. Allow me to congratulate you not just for passing your 10th class exam but for shaking the throne of the oppressor.

Your success has given us a reason to smile. For the first time in a long time, the victims of injustice have taken a sigh of relief. The infidel puts its trust on the material of the sword but today your faith on a blunt weapon has prevailed.

Dear Insha, I can’t even imagine the pain you may be going through. And I can’t even imagine how it feels to suddenly lose your eyesight at the prime of your age, none of us can. Let’s not talk about that. I have seen people with a pair of good eyes still lacking the power of vision. Let me remind you of that woman who offered you her eyes when you were withering with pain on the hospital bed. Dear, since then her ‘government’ has blinded more children even younger than your age. She talks to people about the vision of her father. But believe me, Kashmir has never reeled so deep into darkness as it has right now. I’m happy that doctors were unable to give her eyes to you. They would not have withstood the weight of your dreams, your vision. Dear, don’t ever call yourself blind again. Your vision is stronger than anyone’s sight. Believe in that!

I hope you’ll go to school every day and continue to show such resilience in future as well. Every step you’ll take towards your school will make a crack in their empire of glass. Their sight is too weak to see that. But I know your vision believes that.

I wish you lots of congratulations on behalf of entire Kashmir and pray for your more success. Never ever lose hope. God bless you.

Your well-wisher,
Your fellow Kashmiri

The author is a student from Srinagar.

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