Kashmiri pellet survivors emerge with flying colours in the Board exams

Young Insha and Farzan, teenagers who had been hit with multiple pellets in their eyes, achieved yet another academic milestone.

For these students, even deciding to carry on with studies and take the examination is an achievement in itself; let alone pass it.

Insha Mushtaq

Insha Mushtaq, who became the face of pellet victims with her pictures going viral worldwide, had lost vision in both eyes. Insha was blinded bilaterally after a barrage of pellets hit her, while she was watching protests from a window of her home at Sedow village. With odds against her favour, Insha worked hard and passed the Matric board exam.

Insha Mushtaq’s result.

Insha was grievously injured on the evening of 12th July 2016 at her residence in Sedow, Shopian, when a patrol party of government forces fired pellets at the window of her house where she was standing. The injuries resulted in total blindness in both her eyes, apart from a long ordeal of recovery from brain haemorrhages and skull fractures.

In February last year, Insha returned to her home after months of treatment at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Mumbai and many other hospitals for brain infection and surgeries that attempted to bring back some vision in her left eye.
Her right eye was completely eviscerated due to the injury.

Farzan Nazir, another pellet victim who was hit with pellets twice in the eyes has passed the examination without any backlogs.

Farzan’s result.

Farzan has lost vision in his right eye in March and was hit the second time with pellets in August leaving him blinded. “Why did they not shoot me with a bullet this time? They had already snatched half my vision and life. What will I do now?” Farzan said this in conversation with a journalist at SMHS Hospital. He could speak with difficulty, his front teeth shattered by pellets. He was unable to open his eyes, bruised and swollen, his entire face pocked by pellets.

Farzan Nazir.

This is what Kashmir is, a population which looks the storm in the eye. A people who emerge with flying colours even in the darkest of times.

The whole Kashmiri social media was in praise for Farzan and Insha upon their achievement.

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