Smriti Irani claims new tunnel makes Srinagar to Leh a 15 minute journey

Indian Minister, Smriti Irani claimed that a new project could make reduce the travel between Srinagar and Leh to 15 minutes.

Her tweet said, “Srinagar to Leh in 15 minutes: Cabinet approves Zojila Pass tunnel project.”

She was incessantly trolled on Twitter for her claims.

It is pertinent to note that Smriti Irani has landed in numerous controversies regarding her educational qualification. On one occasion, she said that she also had a degree from the prestigious Yale University. However, it takes elementary schooling to do the distance-time maths.

One Twitter user wrote,
“The possibilities are:
1.) Leh and Srinagar be put in two different time zones.
2.) Time dilation.
3.) Length Contraction.
4.) Batamalo be renamed as Leh.
5.) NMApp is drunk.
6.) @smritiirani is drunk too.
5.) She’s been told to tweet this.”

The road distance between Leh and Srinagar is over 430 km. Aerial distance is 255 km.

The direct flight from Srinagar to Leh takes 55 minutes.

However, the question is why Irani went on to post wrong facts even when she herself was part of the cabinet that re-approved the Zojila Pass tunnel project. The embarrassment for the minister was more particularly because this also highlighted that on this occasion, she was quoting the PTI report as opposed to the news agency quoting her.

There was another factual mistake in Irani’s claims. It was the cabinet of Manmohan Singh government, which had already approved the Zojila Pass project.

Here are some more of the reactions to her tweet which hasn’t been deleted even after 24 hours:

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