Photo Story: Daily Life In Winter In Kashmir

“Kashmir is a theme well worthy of a poet” -W Wakefield

Winter is arguably the most beautiful season in Kashmir. It portrays Kashmir perfectly.

Educational hubs close down for a three-month vacation. Traffic on the roads calms down. People bring out the Kangris, and start using their Hamams to prepare for the coming crisp winters.

People like to have Nun-Chai and Harisa. Breakfast in winters is cherishing. Lawaas and Kander Tczot with Nun-Chai is simply perfect.

winter in kashmir
Windows wrapped in Moam-Jaam.

The best part-
SNOW. Snow is the best part of a Kashmiri Winter. Witnessing snow in Kashmir is the best feeling. A quote says “Snowflakes are kisses from heaven” but in Kashmir’s case snowflakes are kisses from heaven to heaven. It adds to the beauty.


winter in kashmir
Harrisa with a cup of Nun-chai, a pale pink salt tea in Kashmir.

Electric blankets (Power Kambal) have now become a part of our winter.

winter in kashmir
Controller of an electric blanket.

Kashmir faces some difficulties in winter. Kashmir witnesses a lot of power cuts. The roads get messed up with water and snow all over them. We see a lot of puddles.

Sun is nowhere to be seen in a winter sky. Nor are kind of birds seen.

“If there is heaven on Earth, it is here. It is here”

Mohammad is a 13-year-old student from Srinagar. Passionate about writing and taking pictures, Mohammad’s artistic vision makes him stand out.

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