Photo Essay: The Floating Vegetable Market In Dal Lake

One fine cold winter morning, waking up at 6 AM the morning, I planned to visit the famous Floating Vegetable market in Dal Lake in Srinagar for a shoot.

To reach the vegetable market one has to cross several wooden footbridges. These bridges are very delicate in nature, slippery due to dew and vibrating because of poor condition due to official apathy. As there is no other way to reach vegetable market I was apprehensive to walk on these footbridges for sighting any mishap. Even I slipped many times on my way to the market.

My mind was occupied by the thoughts of valour and stubbornness of Kashmiris and how inhabitants of Dal Lake manage their routine walk on the bridge. I was amazed when I saw a car passing over the wooden bridge and it left me awestruck.

Once I reached the floating vegetable market in the midst of Dal, I was completed amazed by the sight. I saw people sailing in there boats and selling vegetables. People apart from selling there vegetables were also greeting and laughing at each other which shows harmony among the Dal dwellers.

Below are some of the images that I clicked that morning:











Kahkashan is an aspiring photographer. Follow her on Instagram @kaifsalay

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