Dangal, Secret Superstar Girl Zaira Wasim Harassed In A Flight

Zaira Wasim

Kashmiri rising star Zaira Wasim was reportedly harassed on her Delhi to Mumbai flight. The award-winning actor broadcasted a live video from her Instagram account and broke down multiple times while narrating her ordeal.

Zaira Wasim
Screenshot of Zaira’s live video.
Source: instagram @zairawasim_

Pertinently, Zaira had been asleep when she felt something caressing her neck which woke her up. She tried to record but couldn’t due to the lights being dimmed in the evening flight.

Fighting back tears, Zaira also said that girls need to speak up for themselves and no one is going to come for the rescue. Disheartened, she could hardly keeping it together throughout the video.

With Kashmir retrieved the video and the Instagram stories from Zaira’s verified handle.

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She took to social media right after the flight landed to narrate the story.

“This is not done, I am disturbed,” revealed a crying Zaira on the live video. “Is this how you’re going to take care of girls?” She asked.

Zaira Wasim managed to get a picture of the man’s activities on the flight to some extent. In one of the pictures she shared, the man is seen sticking his leg trying to touch her inappropriately.

The 17 year old star posted a series of stories on her Instagram account sharing what she called the worst experience of her life.

“The irony of the whole thing is that I had to yell,” she said.

She also said that she called out to the crew for help no one listened and she had to yell and has been disturbed ever since.

Snapshots of Zaira’s Instagram stories

Zaira also expressed anguish against the onboard crew members of Air Vistara’s Delhi to Mumbai flight.

The figures are alarming.

Sexual harassment against women has been a major cause of concern in the India.

Statistics reveal that seven out of ten women are sexually harassed in India but not many speak up, let alone complain.

In public places, the percentage is even higher with 4 out 5 women being harassed on an average, i.e., 79 per cent women in India have experienced some form of harassment or violence in public, according to a latest survey by ActionAid UK.

Conducted by YouGov, registered with the British Polling Council, the survey was conducted online with 502 women aged 18 and above from major cities across India.

The survey found that 84 per cent of the women who experienced harassment were in the age group of 25 to 35 years, 82 per cent of them were full-time workers and 68 per cent were students.

In a single day, more than 848 females report harassment in India.

This is an ongoing story, and we will update it as we get more details.

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