7 Lesser Known Facts About Sheikh Abdullah

Sheikh Abdullah, one of the pioneers of the resistance movement in his time along with Molvi Yusuf Shah, was born on December 5, 1905.

Source: DNA India
Cartoonist: BAB

His fight for freedom and his abject surrender, are well known facts. Below is a list of some lesser-known facts about Abdullah collected from various sources:

Cartoonist: RK Laxman

1. First Masters Degree Holder

He was the first person to get a masters degree in science in Kashmir.

2. Qur’an, Iqbal and the Beard

In his early days, Sheikh taught in Islamia High school, had a beard and would recite Quran while walking. Sheikh had a good hold over Iqbal’s poetry as well.

A picture after he was released from Jail.

3. Akbar Jehan

Akbar Jehan

Sheikh married Akbar Jehan who’s believed to have previously married to Lawrence of Arabia

4. Kashmir’s Independence

He was in touch with US diplomats to declare Kashmir an independent state. But Jawaharlal Nehru had him deposed in a coup.

Sheikh with Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad.

Sheikh Abdullah
Sheikh Abdullah with Pt. Nehru.

5. Farooq’s UK Citizenship

His son Farooq Abdullah was a British citizen before he renounced it in 1977, to fight elections in Kashmir.

6. Tariq’s Pak Embassy Job

His other son Tariq Abdullah worked for the Pakistan embassy in the UK in the 1980s.

7. Algerian Visit Before Arresst

He was asked by Kashmiri leadership to declare a government in exile during his foreign trip where he met Algerian revolutionary Ahmed Ben Bella. He refused, came back and he was arrested upon his arrival in India.

Sheikh Abdullah breaks down on seeing Nehru’s body.
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