A Kashmir-based News Outlet Wrote a ‘Suicidal’ Headline Only To Become a Butt of Jokes

Kashmir based weekly and online newspaper, the Kashmir Life came out with a ‘fish suicide’ headline to explain the recent phenomenon of fishes in Jhelum washing ashore.

Rifat Abdullah, a journalist posted this video, on the banks of Jhelum.

Thousands of dead/dying fish found in river Jehlum today. Better would be to avoid taking these fish. May be harmful for health. Plz share this video.

Posted by Rifat Abdullah on 22 ऑक्टोबर 2017

Although this is a sign of worry, but the Kashmir Life’s report got more than its fair share of flak. While the story did not came out to explain the exact causes, a clickbait with thousands of shares on the ‘report’.

Department of Information and Public Relations also shared the link to the story, furthering the panic to the story.

It received widespread criticism and became the talk on the social media. Here are some of the reactions of people on the story. *dark humour alert*

The clickbait story got thousands of shares. As the phenomenon of fake news continues in Kashmir, the people must reconfirm the reports that they are reading.

(Shout out to Rouf Bhat for the story idea)

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