Six Ways To Stop ‘Braid-Chopping’ Incidents In Kashmir

With over hundred cases of braid-chopping in Kashmir, the incidents have not only created hysteria but also fear in the masses. The government that does not hesitate in killing, blinding and imprisoning people to maintain ‘law and order’, fails to find the individuals involved. What we know at least, the scale is enormous, that shows that there is an organisation to it. A sinister plan to create mass chaos.

Here are five ways to stop ‘braid-chopping’ and potentially end the crisis.

  1. Neighbourhood patrols

The neighbourhood watch is an important element of any community. A neighbourhood watch that has already started in many places, with the youth patrolling at nights, it must be more organisational.
In Kashmiri society, the idea of community is still strong. The voluntary organisation of such an effort can create a sense of protection and security.

2. Installing CCTV systems in the neighbourhoods

Communities must come together to finance CCTV cameras that can act as a deterrent as well as provide evidence when such acts take place. CCTV cameras can be financed voluntarily by local communities.

3. Alarm systems

The Alarm systems are another way to create more guarded security in the neighbourhoods. The alerts will ward off the potential culprit, and call for the neighbourhood patrols to pursue the culprits.

4. Non-lethal weapons for the women

The non-lethal weapons, like pepper spray, pen knife and taser-guns can be part of the daily security for the women. They are small and can be carried in their purses or bags.

5. Providing counselling and support systems for victims

Any person who faces such an act will be traumatised by these incidents. Psychological counselling and the family-friends support system will also help in reducing the extent of such a trauma.

6. Ignoring rumours

Rumour-mongering is at its worst during mass-hysteria. It feeds on people’s apprehensions of such incidents. Infomation must be confirmed first-hand, social media will be full of it, as it creates further fear.

Last but not the least, this is a test of our sense of community. If we act vigilant, we will see this through, like we have many times before.

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