Why I Think Braid-Chopping Is The Handiwork Of Some Rogue Agency?

    Given the timing and rapidity with which the traumatic braid chopping incidents are unfolding in nooks and corners of our state particularly in the valley; it comes out, a meticulous conspiracy has been hatched by some unscrupulous thugs to cow down Kashmiris psychologically. We would have conceived it to be a case of hair theft by those improvised “hair collectors” who come to Kashmir from as far off places as Assam, Bengal, Rajasthan etc solely in search of their livelihood but no, these audacious “braid choppers” seem to have infiltrated Kashmir with ulterior motives of scaring Kashmiris and inflicting psychological damage on them.

    This is not for the first time such giddy and ignominious misadventures have been played upon us; during nineties decade of the previous century when the armed insurgency against the Indian rule was at its peak, we as children then would often hear from our elders that some rogue headed thugs deputed by some unscrupulous agencies threatened Kashmiris, disguised as “Bhoots” (Ghosts) as they were infamously known .

    Kashmiris have come a long way to foil these nefarious designs of the adversaries, whosoever. This new ignominious venture of our adversaries will be foiled also, we hope so, we believe, Inshallah! See the timing of this horrendous misadventure, the adversary has chosen autumn -the busiest season in Kashmir- to accomplish his objective of humiliating an scaring Kashmiris.

    The enemy knows well that, Autumn the harvesting season- is the busiest season of Kashmir when people in the rural Kashmir, all and sundry, remain mostly busy with their chores outside in the paddy fields or in apple orchards. So the prey(women) comes handy to him either at any secluded place outside home or right in the lawn of home when he finds it empty as happened today in Wanpoh area and a few days ago in Bandipora. In Bandipora, a ten-year-old has been robbed of her braid in her own home lawn. This predator as has been heartened by this author sprinkles some nerve breaking chemical to paralyze his prey and then commits the ignominious deed. Police seem to have been caught unaware.

    So far no breakthrough has been made by them, they are clueless about “braid choppers”. So it becomes an obligation on everyone to show mental agility; to remain vigilant in and around our areas. If anyone is found unnecessarily doing rounds around a locality, just get hold of him and interrogate him verbally or call the police. Don’t let your womenfolk to venture out of home singled; accompany them. Don’t leave womenfolk without a male guardian in the home. Raise alarm, if you find any suspect approaching towards you.

    I again reiterate, it is a meticulously orchestrated conspiracy of either an agency or some unscrupulous elements- it doesn’t by any angle look like a puerile act of some cunning children- antithetical to the religious, political, cultural and societal beliefs of Kashmir. Their goal explicitly is to create phobia among rebellious Kashmiris and make them apprehensive about any stranger and add up to their mental trauma.

    Mainstream Indian media, which doesn’t miss an opportunity to inform Indians even about demise of rats or ascension of cats here; which doesn’t miss an opportunity to raise war bogey on Kashmir; which doesn’t miss an opportunity to blemish Kashmiris an accuse them of being traitors and precipitate anti Kashmiri environment throughout India due to which many Kashmiri students throughout India are harassed or have to face wrath of nationalists; how on Earth they failed to raise their voice against it?! This makes it more worthy of casting aspersions, something is very fishy. If this nasty and abominable crime is not checked and cracked anytime soon and our suspicious notions dispelled, it will become arduous for us to even roam freely in our own land, particularly our womenfolk may suffer from permanent mental agony. Now we even fear to open ur after post evening.

    An acquaintance from Kulgam whose family is in the Apple business told me on the phone that, this is a mischievous attempt to derail our fruit business as the conspirator wants us to confront and beat outsider workforce who come in hundreds of thousands to earn their living here. This way the conspirator will kill two birds with a single stone; our fruit laden trucks may be attacked out of Kashmir in the mainland India, labourers will abandon Kashmir resulting in scarcity of workforce and more Kashmiri students will be harassed who study in other states of India. You see they have chosen this season only, why?!

    It’s pertinent to mention here that most of the braid chopping incidents have been reported from the restive Kulgam district whose topography is congenial to carry out such a brutal act. Current time reminds me of the nineties when as Children we would be cajoled to sleep by our mom or grandmother after evenings and if any Children insisted upon something, he/she would be scared by “boot threat”. Identify and cull them before it becomes a trend and a new normal for Kashmiris, we are well accommodative of these “new normals”.

    (The views expressed are author’s own)

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