I Will Survive

You may curb my voice against your tyrant crown
And beat me blue or blood brown
You may strike my body down
And tear it into shreds & yet not frown
I ‘ve survived many such strokes by cruel crown
I will survive ..I’ve survived…I always will survive.

Whatever act you may pass on me,
or take the job from my poor self
or may play with my family like a cruel elf
Yet my resolve is like pillars of resilient cliff
Overlooking your treacherous weak self,
I will survive …I will survive.

My poor brethren and my poor kids
Made to shut their eyes and shouting lips
By your pellets and by draconian acts
And they shed their innocence like blooming tulips
Yet my resolve never weakened by your dichotomous strife…
I will survive …I will survive.

How many of my children will you miam and kill
How many of my brothers you will throw over the mill
How many of my sisters you will rape and kill
How many of my mothers you will send over the frenzied hill
It will never change my self and my inner will..
I will survive …I will survive.

Many a time you have tried and often lied,
To buy my self and my self-respect, and I sighed
It hasn’t changed my resolve a bit, You lied
and cheated myself and my countrymen ready to fight.
Yet you failed and I stand my own-self & my own hight.
I will survive …I survive.

You razed my land & looted my stand
You plundered my Valley just like lightning wand,
How can I forget all your boogymen & band
Who ate up thousands of men without leaving a trace at hand,
I can not forgive nor forget this cruel strand..
I will survive …I survive.

My children who can not see,
Their sight & brothers taken by your killing spree,
Their mothers wailing a silent song,
They can not forget the loss that you gave them all along
Their blossoms enduring every pain all along.
I will survive ..I will survive.

I pray for your tyranny to end,
Of course, the future is round the bend,
Bright and hopeful like morning Sun,
From my ashes will arise
The sword that will strike you down.
I will survive .. I will survive..I always have.

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