Atif Aslam Just Sang A Popular 1990 Kashmiri Song…And Kashmir Won!

Yesterday, on the stage of the Pepsi Battle of Bands, Atif Aslam stepped up on the stage. Everyone was waiting, for one of the most popular artists in the world to send us into a melodious trance.

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But this time, it wasn’t just one of Atif’s hits (which are numerous) but a song of Kashmir. Karyo Manz Jigras/Mere Watan Teri Jannat Mein, were the words that Atif belted in his own rockstar way.

Background of the song

Karyo Manz Jigras/Mere Watan Teri Jannat Mein is a mixture of two very popular songs sung in Kashmir.

Karyo Manz Jigras was written by one of the most acclaimed Kashmiri poets Mahmud Gami (1750-1855). He has also written some of the best poetry in Persian, so much so that Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir is said to have been impressed by his verses.

In the twilight of armed rebellion against India, Karyo Manz Jigras was added as an intro to another powerful poem – Mere Watan Teri Jannat Mein. It was to create a national song, that reflects the ethos of the divided Kashmir.

The song is still sung and played at many national occasions of Azad Kashmir.


Karyo manz jigras jaye chemno may’e mashyani
Czatimo chini pyalen chai hato khael marun chum
Payemo ruf badnas haye chumno may’e  mashaeni
Karyo manz jigras jaye chamno may’e  mashaeni

Keetyah aayo kaetah gaye temai dray’e yem bazaraye
Yem dray’e tem’ni wapas haye czemno may’e  mashaeni
Karyo manz jigras jaye chamno may’e mashaeni

Cze kemsund dopnaye de mya kan chuki che roshay’eni
Rushnas chumni poshan pay’e chumno maay mashaeni
Karyo manz jigras jaye chamno may’e mashaeni

Lagenaye rum e razchen tha me chum choan tamanna
Armaan chaen kamiss dray’e chamno may’e mashaeni
Karyo manz jigras jaye  chamno may’e mashaeni



Kashmir The Band won Pepsi – Battle Of The Bands, a talent hunt in Pakistan.

Kashmir the Band, that became famous in the indie circuit after singing the song, ‘Rani e Kashmir’, took up the name Kashmir.

There’s already a Danish band, named Kashmir. Also one of the most famous rock songs in history, Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

Kashmir band
Kashmir – The Band is also a Danish Band having above members.


Kashmir the Band won the contest, and have promised to sing a song in Kashmiri. Let’s wait and listen.

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