Chinaar Kashmir: Turning Folk Songs Into EDM Beats

Since Mohammad Muneem came out with his rendition of the folk song, ‘Roshay’ way back in 2007. The Kashmiri music scene has turned on its head. With new beats, and creativity, the Kashmiri music is becoming more appealing to the youth. Before this cultural renaissance, the Kashmiri music was something that the millennials were not interested in.

After Muneem, Ali Saifuddin came on to the scene. Especially after the 2016 uprising, there are countless artists who upload their songs on social media. Sometimes they turn out to be gems but sometimes just the oyster shells. But, despite the challenges, the Kashmiri artists are not just taking on the Bollywood but they are internationalising Kashmiri music.

Among these artists is the Chinaar Kashmir group. The two teenagers Shoaib Kadla and Sheikh Salman are leading the Electronic Dance Music or what’s popularly known as the ‘EDM’. The two boys produce their music without a proper studio, but their production is of a top rated quality.

WithKashmir spoke to Shoaib Kadla, the one half of the group, who also produces the videos of group.
Are you into originality of the music or just to copy the famous?

Indeed, I’m into the originality of the EDM music. I never copy anyone but yeah there are too many. EDM music producers like Martin Garix, it kind of motivates me to make something unique and what should go on with the atmosphere.

What was the reason behind using Kashmiri folk songs and turning them into EDM?

Nowadays I mostly make compositions on traditonal Kashmiri songs. Being a Kashmiri, I always wanted to make EDM music of all these classic folk songs. So that would give a new feel to all of them old classics without losing their original touch.

Do you see yourself in the music production full time?

I don’t think about the future, if I work hard in my present time and learn new things or increase my knowledge to set up my present time. It will surely help me to succeed in future.

Would you like to introduce more voices in your next music productions?

Yes, I wanted to make a call for any Kashmiri singer to participate in our productions. So that we can work on different textures of Kashmiri composition with newer voices.

Shoaib and Salman, are going to make more such renditions of Kashmiri folk songs into EDM. Giving these songs a new life as well as making the nott and saraeng international.

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