Barkha Dutt Got Called Out By A Kashmiri Woman And She Loses Her Shit

    Barkha Dutt tweeted a series of statements after her article on ‘extremism’ in Kashmir got called out by a Kashmiri professor Hafsah Kanjwal.

    She didn’t seem to make peace with the backlash and outrightly claimed that the response was an “ideological statement of secession, not so much a real argument.”

    Here we make a timeline of events that led to Barkha tweet the thread.

    July 10, 2017

    Amarnath Yatris’ bus gets attacked in South Kashmir in mysterious conditions. Official versions claimed militants did the attack. Whoever made the attack, it was a very much a terror attack. A horrifying episode to which Kashmiris came out in large numbers and condemned it. No one condones deaths here.

    A few hours later, Barkha Dutt’s post is published on Washington Post titled “Why a terrorist attack on Hindu pilgrims could change everything for Kashmir.”

    barkha dutt twitter

    July 11, 2017

    Kashmiris came out strongly against the attack. Not only this, locals rescued and accompanied the injured to the hospitals, much against the stereotyping put forward by the Indian media.

    Even a sit in was organised in the heart of Srinagar. One of the organisers of the sit-in, Khurram Parvez, stated, “We are all united against the killings of Amarnath yatris. Are Indians united against the killings, disappearances, torture, sexualized violence, maiming, and demonization of Kashmiris by the Indian state?”

    Kashmiris condemning the attack on Yatris.

    Many Indian celebrities called for ‘wiping out’ the entire population, some even asked for pellets be replaced with bullets. A mass genocide of an already oppressed population.

    July 12, 2017

    Many Kashmiri writers and bloggers write against the attack and how Kashmiris need not prove their humanity. Many asked questions over the attack as well.

    Hafsah Kanjwal, a Kashmiri professor in the United States came up with a brilliant response to Barkha’s article.

    Dutt undermined Kashmir’s legitimate struggle by brushing it with the stroke of jihadist extremist terrorism.

    Kashmiris do not need any lessons on humanity. During the devastating floods of 2014, Kashmiris were seen rescuing soldiers of the Indian army who were posted in the region, though the Indian army is an institution they consider an occupying and oppressive force.

    July 16, 2017

    Barkha loses it on twitter as she makes a series of tweets against the response to her article on Washington Post. Most of the tweets were mere rhetoric. One would think Barkha, having reported on Kashmir for years, would be at least not in denial of the facts. But as it is true with any other Indian journalist, Barkha too falls with the majority here.

    Here are few of the tweets that Barkha did.

    Some reactions

    When it comes to Kashmir, Barkha’s sanity doesn’t seem to come to fore, like most Indians.

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