Kashmir That Is Today

The reason why the problem of Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved by political leaders is not only due to the lack of commitment but also due to lack of purpose. We live in times when Indian military establishment has been given a privilege and is been tamed by the forces of nationalism, an entity that wants to entail its dogma. An irony indeed.

The infiltration has been seen by the army as a cat and mouse game, which they seem to enjoy, as they have the license to launch offensives on the mandate of the Indian state. Their license to kill is a scourge for many common people who deserve to live a life in a civil way.

It is a known fact that Indian military doesn’t have the trust in their political leaders and in their international diplomacy. For Kashmir a military strategy, precisely, dictatorship is conductive. Even if peace is given a chance, in reality, nobody can stop militancy. Its seeds are sown, they are there and they will remain there, due to desperation and failure of resolution. It can only give away when Kashmir has a solution at hands.

India also has not matured enough to take palpable steps by moving a step forward in providing a cut clear formula, especially with Pakistan. If the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved bilaterally, then why doesn’t India have the guts to accept their failure of deliverance? Is this the pride of democracy that they want to show to the world? Why does it dodge away by making Kashmir as an internal matter?

The press releases of Indian Foreign Ministry from time to time have been falsifications. Kashmiri people want to know why there is a lack of accountability on their part? For some time, Kashmir becomes a nuclear flashpoint and for some time, it is not a primary matter for the politicians to attend to. After all, what sort of face saving exercise is left for the country?

The continuous culture of curfews and strikes hasn’t made a responsiveness from the Centre. In fact, it has resulted for Kashmiri people as an axe on the toe, because these continuous strikes have been destroying the social fabric. Kashmiri people cannot defeat the Indian state like Russian commoners defeated the Czar mongers in the Russian revolution. Those times are gone. We are in a new century. We are being subjugated by one of the largest operational armies of the world. After every mass protests, new slain counts of protestors make the tally. Add to that, a coercive media machine, ultra-nationalistic politicians who don’t know the value of innocent blood. There is a certain stigma in the reality of Kashmiri life.

We are also short of honest leaders too. We also need to think who is really worthy to lead us. Government for Kashmiri people is a fake promise. In the long run, we need to look beyond infrastructural development, economic packages and good administration. The mandate of Indian democracy is misleading us. It is misleading us because they are leaving no stone unturned in reestablishing their unholy bonds of nationalism and their illusion of political freedom for us.

We are also seeing the rise of Hindu nationalism in India. Their historic arguments are blossoming in reality today. It is taking the country away from its secular character. The integral humanism which it tries to propagate as its central philosophy is false because of many political developments, communal in character, prove that they are against the rights of minorities. Today we are seeing a deepening divide in the country because religion is proving to be a tool to divide people.

The most dangerous part of it is that it is long term. Look at political rallies, the speeches are full of venom. The rule of majority Hindu population is based on an identity which is self-serving and opportunistic. Its dynamics for Kashmir are unfortunate especially for the population which is predominantly Muslim. They are facing the brunt of grass root activism of Hinduism in a polity. I hope India doesn’t see the day when minorities would have to justify their birth rights. Rhetoric merely appeases the fools. But resolution seekers need to watchful.

The views expressed by the author are his own.

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