“Support India Or Go To Pakistan”

    Here’s the tweet that set all guns blazing on Indian prime time talk shows, especially the jar head of a journalist that Arnab is.

    After Pakistan defeated England in the semi-finals and set Kashmir in celebration mood, we all would say – ‘Ek Tweet toh banta hai!’

    Not just Mirwaiz, hundreds of Kashmiris took to social media to express their jubilation on their favourite team’s victory.

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    Guess what? Someone did not like it – at all!

    Here’s what he had to say (our response included):

    Arnab seemed to be very clear in his words that ‘especially those in Kashmir should support India’. Apparently, he gave us two days to pack our bags – How generous!

    First things first, no one, no one tells Kashmiris what they ‘should’ do. Some pretty straight facts there.

    Second, Pakistan is our favourite cricket team, not a holiday resort. If Arnab and his channel are offering holiday packages to our favourite Cricket playing nations, you know what we got to do? Yes, you guess that right! Let’s make Switzerland play cricket and then root for their success till death! I’m gonna take a Switzerland flight over any other country any day.

    Just like this lad here has the perfect logic:

    Maybe they do not know this important fact here:

    What if Arnab wants to send them in a special way? Got any memo? Here it is-

    “….Whenever a cricket match was screened in the television room of our hostel, my Indian Muslim friends cheered, sang, and rooted for the Indian cricket team. Kashmiris cheered for Sri Lanka or Pakistan, or whichever team
    played against India.

    Basharat Peer, Curfewed Night – Chapter 5 – Shalimar Express.

    This reminds me of the match on 13th October 1983 between India and West Indies played in Srinagar when Clive Llyod and other West Indian player said they did not feel like they were playing in Srinagar, they felt like they were playing somewhere in Jamaica or Barbados. Such was the tremendous support for the Carribean team.

    Sher-i-Kashmir Cricket Stadium on the match day in 1983. Source: JKCA

    Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer- Page 11.
    “The applause was astonishing and deafening, and it followed throughout the Indian innings as wickets kept falling.” reported a newspaper the next day. (Source: Cricket Country)

    Since a lot has been happening around Arnab’s newsroom in central India and he gives preference to ‘sending someone to Pak’ merely for supporting their cricket, a lot of things need to be re-evaluated.

    As you and your pseudo-intellectual-actually-jingoist panellists have been advising us to ‘Go to Pakistan’. We Kashmiris too have a piece of advice for you. Talk about real issues bothering your country, like the two examples above.

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