Kashmiris React To Pakistan’s Victory

Pakistan was the least favourite side to enter to the knockout stage in this Champions Trophy. Experts said this side is the weakest side Pakistan has ever taken into an ICC event and it did not infuse hope in its own supporters, let alone rest of the cricketing world.

Even trolls like these didn’t leave a chance

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal later deleted this tweet.

Then we witnessed some quality cricket from the Pakistan team which not only saw them home as they got through to the finals but also, set the whole of Kashmir in celebration mood. And we’ve said this before, Kashmir and Cricket is an infectious love story, especially Pakistan cricket.

Hasan Ali, man of the moment. Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

One could hear firecrackers soon after Hafeez scored the winning runs. The sounds reached the Masjids were Taraweeh was nearing completion.

Source: GIPHY

Here are some of the best reactions we found on social media after Pakistan’s victory:

True, very true

England beaten at Cricket, in England, and badly.

Major Gaurav Arya?

There’s more

Some wanted to take the joy along while going for Taraweeh

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