10 Types Of People You’ll Find During A Taraweeh

Following are the people who you’ll find during Taraweeh:

1) Skippers: Well, you won’t actually find them inside the Masjid. The young lot who skip Taraweeh to hang around friends and run the entire length of the area until the Taraweeh finishes acting as if they prayed the entire 20.

Image source: Tumblr

2) I-stood-up-first-show-offs: Usually these persons will stand up before everyone during the ‘Wabarik wasalim alayhim’. They’ll stand up before the ayat is even read and look behind as if they finished a race. They’ll keep doing this until they are done.

3) I-am-watching-you: These persons usually have a crack in their neck. They’ll always look behind to see who is where and who is late while murmuring the Tasbeeh.

4) Tempo raisers: When the beautiful zikr reaches “nustugfirullahi nas ‘alukul jannati, wa na udhubika min an-naar” the entire mosque reverberates into a high tempo, you’ll find these people raising their voices to the highest decibel level possible.

5) Imam Ferraris: These Imams are in a race to finish the Taraweeh quickest. If there are two mosques in close vicinity. The Imams are in a competition to outdo in speed with smaller surahs and super quick recitations. Such mosques are more occupied than those with those who read the entire Quran.

6) Once in a blue moon: Such a person will show up only during Shab-e-Qadr rest of the year he’s invisible.

7) Chai Police: During Shab-e-Qadr there’s a group of people who will drink as many chais as they can and eat as many kulchas as possible. Also there are willing volunteers who help with the catering.

Source: Dial Kashmir

8) The Hamamists: During winter Ramadans, the hamam floor is occupied by these people throughout the month. Usually a hub for a lot of conversations from Politics to why the tsot was not fresh today.

Credits: Kashmir Life

9) Cell Phone Addicts: These are mostly youngsters. Some of them have text during short breaks between the prayers while others have too many notifications to clear.

Image Source: Reddit

10) The AC/Fan Landlords: Now that the Ramadan is in summer, this group of people will do anything not to give up the ‘cool’ spot. They’ll keep the AC remote control in their survielence as well.

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