Seven Tips To Make The Most Of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is here. It is said the Ahlul Bayt and the Sahabas of the Prophet (pbuh) would spend months in preparation for Ramadan. It is not a month of simply abstaining from food and drink.

Here are 7 tips to make the most of this blessed month:

1: Forgive – Is there not something strange about asking for God’s forgiveness of our sins while withholding our forgiveness from someone who has hurt us? Is it worth sacrificing our energy on a grudge instead of on growth?

2: Help those who are fasting – This hadith has been used to emotionally blackmail kids for Iftar work in Kashmir since ages. Been there, done that. 

3: Avoid sins – Backbiting, lying, scandal-mongering and extravagance are some common sins that should be brought to check.

4: Be Consistent – Don’t skip days, don’t miss tarawih and read Qu’ran daily. If you don’t know how to read Qur’an then Ramadan is a good time to learn.

5: Supplicate – Ramadan is a month of blessing, so changes of duas getting accept is higher. So keep supplicating, especially during Sahoor and Iftar (Don’t forget the Ummah). 

6: Feed the needy – We are an oppressed people, conflict, poverty and natural disasters have left thousands without support. Their love and hope is taken away with no-one they can turn to. You can change that.

7: Seek the Night of Power – Some people waste the entire last 10 days of Ramadan preparing for Eid and shopping, neglecting Ibadah and Lailatul Qadr. Although, The Prophet (pbuh) used to strive the hardest during the last ten days of Ramadan in worship.

P.S: Don’t mistake me for a Scholar, just a learner.

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