6 Things You Need To Know About Rashid Billa

Rashid Billa

Rashid Ahmad Parray alias Rashid Billa was shot dead in the dark hours of April 16, 2017 by unidentified gunmen.
Billa was one of the most notorious names in North Kashmir who had unleashed a reign of terror in area.

Photo: JKCCS

He was an absconding Ikhwani, who along with his associates massacred seven civilians in 1996 in Bandipora and was evading arrests for the past 21 years.

Here are a few brief details you should know about him:
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1. He was accused of planning and executing the Saderkoot massacre in 1996.

2. The massacre resulted in death of 7 innocent civilians

3. Rashid Billa, after being convicted by the court, had been evading arrest for years.

4. Being a fugitive, judicial courts had ordered to seize all his property; 20 years after the massacre took place.

5. He would regularly send threats to Saderkoot massacre’s victim families.

Photo Credit: JKCCS

6. The victim families, however, accused that the state has been actually safeguarding Rashid Billa and his associates who carried out the massacre.

The state has already been under fire for awarding ‘Padma Shree’ (Fourth highest civilian honour in India) to Mumma Kanna, another terrifying Ikhwani accused of grave human rights’ violations.

Ikhwanis have, over the years, enjoyed freedom and impunity. In spite of being accused of deadly crimes, not many have been brought to justice.

With his killing, the fate of the victims remains unknown and Saderkoot massacre remains another dark chapter in the recent history of Kashmir; and adds to the already long lists of justice not delivered cases.