Again and Again

Another killing. Another blinding.
Again battered. Again bruised.
Again life slipped into deep chasm of death.
Again devaluing life.
Again shattering of imposed normalcy.

Again shattering of transient illusions, delusions.
Another grave awaits. Another mother loses her life.
Again and again how will she live without her chopped liver?
Again bullet. Again pellet.
Again kick in the stomach. Another gurgle of blood.

Again the emotions run high. Again tired we will sigh!
Again we recall we are oppressed.
Again we are reminded we are slaves.
Again Freedom Slogans are in air.
Again spring buds are bleeding

Again graves are filled with un- blossomed youth.
Again vultures are back circling bloated graves.
Again Journalists write obituaries.
Again Apologies.
Another condemnation from condemned.

Again exploiting killings for power politics.
Again pain is traded like a commodity.
Another tragedy another trauma.
Again obscuring diabolical sins of past with malevolent plans for future.
Again battery of “consoling” words.

Again grotesque disregard for justice.
Again we will be” disciplined.”
Again we will be misinterpreted, misrepresented.
Again misinformation will shroud us.
Again it is now or never,
Again it is enough.

Another enough!
Again there will be collective amnesia.
Again we will pursue mundane affairs of life.
Again imposed normalcy will knock.
Again another killing.
Another cataclysmic violence.
Again we will be gagged, dragged.

Again painful cultivated hope will be callously snuffed out.
Again another candle will be snuffed out.
Again we will be said sympathy is a crime!
Again we will forget!
Again we will forget!
Again sadly at the cost of someone;someone we all love more after death.

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