Watch Shashi Tharoor Getting Grilled By Tim Sebastian On Kashmir

    India’s new poster boy, congress MP Shashi Tharoor is on a spree to make India great again. Beef ban, saffronisation hidden behind the neo-liberal masks, however worse the things be back home, try to stay afloat like a calm duckling. Well, that’s not how it happened with Tharoor in this interview.

    In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Tim Sebastian left him speechless.

    Tim hosts an interview program ‘Conflict Zone’ and this time his guest was rather “One of India’s best know politicians” as he’d quoted. The title of the interview was ‘Corruption, nepotism, Kashmir | Democracy – Indian Style?’

    The interview begins with a gruesome reminder of how the Congress party was handed over its worst ever defeat in 2014. Well, that’s none of our concern as Kashmiris who are ruled by the ‘forces’ rather than politicians; even though Congress is only a milder version of the oppressions when it comes to Kashmir.

    Again, Tim moves on to mention Rahul Gandhi and his shortcomings as a politician and Tharoor is left short of words. Again, none of our concern.

    Corruption, nepotism, bigotry, rapes, crimes, there were a lot of topics to discuss at the interview table. Kashmir ought to be the most interesting one, and that’s definitely worth a mention and worth a watch.

    Here’s the excerpt on Kashmir from the interview:

    Courtesy: DW English Youtube Channel

    Courtesy: DW English Youtube Channel

    Clearly, Shashi Tharoor couldn’t respond the questions over Kashmir.

    No matter how India wants to project its image in the world, the crimes in Kashmir will always haunt them.

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