The Puddles

The Puddles is the latest photo series I have shot with my Samsung smartphone. I have serious inclination towards street photography. I photographed this series of photos over the course of last few months.

I have post processed all these photos in photo editing app, Snapseed. Some of these photo are turned upside down.

Why Puddles?

The road system in Kashmir is one of the worst in the world. Slightest of rains turn our roads into puddles and pools. Drizzle means havoc. Water logging is frequent.

One can see puddles in every nook and corner. Every road. Every street. Every alley has a puddle.

Different persons look at a thing differently.

For example, a commoner sees these puddles as a daily life problem but a photographer sees an opportunity , a frame , a beautiful reflection , a different POV .
Using this natural mirror to click reflections and turning them upside down to produce some magical shots.

Here is how I saw what I saw in these puddles.

I have shot this one photograph back in January when there was heavy snowfall in Kashmir which resulted in severe water-logging of roads.  This puddle is just outside my home.

One of the kids from my neighbourhood posing for a  photograph. His name is Sahil. A harmonium player with a soulful voice , he is one of the most talented kid in the village. An internet addict , he has already uploaded some of his videos on youtube.

It looks these kids are posing but they are not. When I took my phone out to photograph them , they stopped , the kid in front closed his eyes while the other one looked curious.

The following photograph won an honourary mention in Black and White Photo Contest by World Photographers Club.

I took this photo of the reflection of boy. After I posted a photo from this series on facebook , many of my friends suggested to photograph only feet and reflection in the frame. So I tried to execute that idea in this frame.
I have photographed this street snacker seller last year in Summer. This snack seller would visit our village everyday during the uprising and would tell news about other places.
The is a photograph of my nephew. I had asked him to sit and pose for a photograph near a puddle but he was not in a mood of posing and walked away like this. I was surprised when I saw the results later.
Photographed these young men on a kuccha road full of puddles in a patch of woods where I often visit to relax.

This is an interesting photograph. This boy is my favourite model. I often photograph him. For this photo I had asked him to pose standing but he had other idea , he just sat down and said take the photo. The expressions and the elements in this frame are the things I keep looking for when I am shooting in streets.
I photographed one of school friends. Offlate he has been addicted to social networking site facebook. One can see him always using facebook , uploading his new and old photographs.

An autorickshaw driver waiting for his customers. Photographed this on a busy street near SKIMS Soura.

I recently went to Sonamarg. It was my visit and of all the photos I took , I liked this one. Two of my friends who accompanied me to Sonamarg where walking ahead of me when I realised a puddle on road having a beautiful reflection of them and the snow clad surroundings.