Tribute To Chadoora And Their Description


Descriptions of  the Martyrs:

(By Omair Bhat)

1) Saqib – wears a cap. torn jeans. beard has not sprouted yet, maybe, still a boy, a very young boy.
Eyes: the color of the brass moon. in a recent photograph, on Facebook, standing against a wall, he is smiling. looks somewhat like a rapper, a dancer, who knows.
2) Ishfaq – Nose: big, slanting left. in his eyes, a flock of the pigeon is in flight, the sea is picking on a bough of the cloud.
Hair: perfectly combed. trimmed beard. in a photograph he looks lost. could be a poet, harvester of languages, who knows.
3) Zahid – a window, in the wall, that has partly been blown away.
Eyes: flitting butterflies. no wings.
Hair: Jet black.

Murdered. 28 March 2017. bullet injuries. target fire.

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Remembrance – A Poem

(By Ashfaq Saraf)

dawn creaks
the light gingerly reveals curtains
one must wake up
perform an ablution
face the murders left by the night in its wake
kindle the hearth
and partake in the gravedigger’s toil

in the morning
air breaks free of night’s swollen embrace
Jehlum slithers
down the nape of a neonate hope
the green of woods
hisses life through its pine-lungs
sunlight scurries along
as we watch the feet march forthwith.

(Authors’ views are their own)

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