The Bloodbath Continues…

    The bloodbath of last year is enough to tell you about the happenings in Kashmir. If you still don’t understand the Kashmir story nothing will help you in that. On the 8th of July when the rebel commander Burhan Wani was killed. It kicked a massive unrest in the state. the anti-India protests started to gain momentum and the wave engulfed every nook and corner of the valley. Curfew, strikes, pellets, bullets became the order of the day and the unrest consumed more than 100 lives and an entire generation is lying blinded.

    Although protests have died down but the anger and emotions are very much there which is evident from the fact that people are storming the encounter sites in large numbers to save the rebels fighting the Indian occupation. This new trend of public involvement at the encounter sites has disturbed both the forces and the political circles of India. Armed forces are in deep trouble battling people with stones and militants with weapons. It has resulted in huge casualties to them and a number of failed encounters. Many civilians have lost their lives too but they have succeeded in fleeing the militants caught in cordons.

    The frustration led the Indian army chief to put forth a statement in which he warned the people of tough action. Even the state establishment has begged the people to remain away from the encounter sites. But both the statements are limited to the papers and the people in masses are storming the encounter sites where rebels are trapped.

    Kashmir has gone back to the era of 90’s. The pause between killings is the only peace. The fear of death have vanished and gun culture has gained more acceptance. The people are up against the occupation to settle it once for all. Militants are feeling homely among the people and people are risking their lives to save the rebels. They are accepted as the heroes of the conflict.

    The PDP-BJP led collation too is not sitting back and they are exploring the Doval doctrine to every extent to bring people into submission. The repression has turned a political conflict into a full-fledged war. The people are falling to the bullets of Indian forces during encounters. As I am writing this essay another youth 3rd of the day has been killed and dozens of the injured are rushed to hospitals mostly shot by the bullets. As the reports suggest it was like doomsday in Chadoora and forces were spraying bullets in all directions over the civilians.

    The Indian media is enough to normalise the killings and the establishment is absent on the ground. The CM is on the chair but powerless to utter a word over the brazen incidents of killings. Instead for the bogey of elections, the regime is rounding the masses and throwing them in jails. The night raids have become a norm and people are put to walls day in day out.

    The establishment is very much aware of the ground and has maintained the low-key rallying limited to townhalls and Dak Bungalows for the elections ahead. Politicians are away from the masses and their presence anywhere invites violence and stone pelting over them. And a complete civil disobedience is observed in the valley.

    The only way which can put the lid on the cycle of killings and unending violence is the recognition of protests as a political message. Close the Kashmir discussion in newsrooms of India and put it on the political agenda. The trend of killings by suppressing the people needs to be ended. The people at the helm of affairs should accept the mistakes fix responsibilities instead of the blame game. If south Asia has to be a peaceful market then Kashmir issue needs to be solved. The Youth of Kashmir are tired of this status quo and they want to see an end to it. The policies of state and center have only resulted in more bloodshed.

    It is high time to start finding a solution to Kashmir issue with the active participation of the people. Staying in the conflict doesn’t help Kashmir nor does it help Indians either, I believe Indians need to look for a dignified settlement more desperately than Kashmiri.

    (Author’s views are his own)

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