Kashmir: The Paradise Lost – A Poem

Spilled blood, tortured souls
engulfing hopelessness;
mothers wailing, Kashmiri sisters crying,
deprived childhood
Welcome to Kashmir!


once celebrated as the paradise
Kashmir lost everything
to an all-consuming hellfire
chanting slogans and longing
for the envisioned future
we have been shamed, blamed, profaned
again and again

women raped, molested, humiliated
their dignities turned into dust
yet the world sleeps
we don’t fall in their
vicinity !

the cavalcades, the gun shots, the pellets
the cordons,t he encounters,t he casualties
the PSAs, the disappeared, the endless probes
things unknown to the other parts of the country
closely imbibed into our dialects

courage is the only weapon
yet they fear us
we gave up everything
just to get rid of this tyranny
nonetheless, we suffered
we suffered, we suffered

somewhere a mother is waiting
a father thinking
a brother moaning
quite unfamiliar to the merciless fate:
no one ever comes, no one ever returns

thousands killed, jailed, blinded and maimed
Welcome to Kashmir!
unmarked graves, distorted families
shattered dreams, extinct hopes,
all this makes up tKashmir

land of Sufi’s degraded to a pool of
treachery and faithlessness
we lost beyond limits
but our souls are yet to accept defeat
we shall hold on
till we rise again

we salute to the martyrs of this forsaken land
labeled as terrorists and killed as cowards
their martyrdom will never be forgotten
thousands will rise for
one Afzal, one Maqbool, one Burhan
till the resurrection of our paradise