A Letter To Emperor Jehangir From A Kashmiri

With due regards from harsh winters and bijli oops that bijli always plays go went gone games since Kashmir happened to be your paradise.

Your majesty, emperor Jahangir, you had said when you had been kinging around the courtyards of my home, Kashmir, that: “If there is Paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.”

But this saying of yours, August Emperor Jahangir, it is just a metaphor when comparing eternal blessing with mortal caged piece of bone smelling scents of fake paradise; but yeah sure, your majesty, this is your mistake and pardon me if I have done an impeachment in your honour well then I am too from your held paradise so I should enjoy privilege to comment because human is not perfect so thoughts shall be assumed not perfect but somehow may be perfect according to circumstances of time and era unless Almighty Blesses perfection in any being around mankind.

Your held paradise Kashmir is a myth and falls under the hypothesis of what actually doesn’t exist because, in a real paradise, one does not have to seek permission to take a breath of liberty and freedom; nor people lack trust to whom they repose their wishes and things dear to them.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), one can see children being blinded for seeking of breaths of liberty and freedom. Wife being deprived of husband’s consortium through disappearance. Mothers being windowed of ruthless murders of their soul mates. Human abodes being destroyed and savaged for standing against oppression.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), a resident has to show identity before proceeding to take basic amenities. In your held Kashmir (paradise) resident votes for corrupt and expects honesty. What else a resident gets from casting vote in your myth paradise is he surely gets pellet blinded eyes with super bonanza deficiencies in Bijli, Pani, and Sadak.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), the education system doesn’t count merit, but favoritism and nepotism all have full front seats and back seats whereas meritorious and deserving can be found as sweepers of all hard luck bugs.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), an occupier pleasures of killing a resident with the reconciliation of counting heads with prizes and jobs. In your held Kashmir (paradise), everything is under development of inquiries and commissions and when results ensure it happens to be only chutzpah for a resident for not expecting that deceased kid was not indeed gone for toffees but for otherwise. In your held Kashmir (paradise), a resident is so naked of his rights that resources which flow like golden jewels are just his fantasies.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), an occupier has all authority of spying over a resident of what he sees, communicates, watches and breathes. In your held Kashmir (paradise), administration of justice is according to alien laws of oppression and subjugation where even a black color needs more than a decade to prove that it actually is not white but black. In your held Kashmir (paradise), justice being done and materialised is unknown to a resident to such an extent that he even leaves this matter to Almighty.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), woman’s modesty is well protected due to occupier’s well respect for women that after only being frisked, molested, raped a seal of protection is attached to their faces that they are safe in our hands forever and then occupier declares with subjugated seal of occupation that women are safe within the reins of occupied land.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), a resident is frustrated and depressed to such an extent that occupier tests medicinal tablets made up of flour on a resident with a clear name in English and utmost instruction that keep the medicine in semi-temperature else.

In your held Kashmir (paradise), the beautiful gardens of fragrance and comfort are already occupied by occupier on the pretext that gardens need well highlighter and camouflage so that outer people can feel of their crippled atmosphere of their own country and homes.

Jahangir, your majesty, your Kashmir (paradise) is punctured and needs a fixer but please don’t make again any thought of like ( it is this, it is this, it is this a fixer) I would have sent you an e-mail but we here in your paradise Kashmir doesn’t have internet access because only after occupier’s attestation of being deaf and dumb test on resident is done then internet access is provided with password of Chutzpa. Paradise is always like chillai kalan, a harsh winter.

(Views expressed are author’s own)

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