Revitalize My Soul – A Prayer

O, Allah-The benevolent, inspire me that tiddler innocence.
That my eyes still pretend and fancy.
In this sullen shade, my heart throbs and cry.
Dismay in sight, screams my heart hence!

Rehearse me those vanished gossips of twilight.
With friends, which I used to savour with a penchant!

In solitude, I still hearken whispers and fright!
Distraught!you are with me; my life has come to naught!
I Avow, your absence is tapering my belief!
I Avow, your presence will ameliorate my belief!
Who is there O, Allah, who can placate my aches?!
Resurrect me from the death of despair, resurrect my belief.

Venture and feel the magic of Allah’S blessings.
In despair, will you wreck your belief?!
Court your solitude when everything wears silence.
Crumple the breached soul, which is bevvied in defiance