A Tribute To The Wailing Boy

A few sound shots reverberated in air.
I conceived it was the Army’s drill rumble.
Going on away, far away from my home.
It persisted for a while and speed up momently.
As I ventured out it was the gunfire.
A loud explosion and the building crumble.
Billows of smoke draped the cold air.
It was suffocating to witness the devastation.

I rushed to the Place to offer my consolation;
To the survivors of the blood splashed encounter!
To the martyrs, who were a mixture;
A mixture of civilians and the rebels,
As I was told this by the faces, gloomy;
Who accompanied me to the place of melancholy!
I wanted to offer the symbolic prayer gesture.
In a jiffy, I reached to the place of desolation!

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There was nothing left of the dream.
All I could see was just tout ensemble.
The rockets of the foe had devoured the home altogether.
Leaving behind the trail of destruction.
Wails and screams of people filled the gloomy air.
I spot a child mourner who looked so humble.
He was wailing for his friend who was so noble.
This he wails in a heart-wrenching scream.

Photo: Javid Dar/Wasim Andrabi

Gushing forth from his eyes were;
Ebullient tears of blood that filled air;
With the aroma of melancholy and gloom.
His chiseled face that else would wear smile;
And never got tired of giggles and bloom.
Now it presents a look that is not facile.
His eternal mourning expressions could melt a heart;
As hard and big as the pyramids of Egypt!

They used to play together whenever they played.
They used to top in the cricket and studies.
The mutual sojourn to the school they never delayed.
Everything they had; even the lunch they shared.
Of each other’s needs and for mutual reverence they cared.
His heart was throbbing; mourning had stolen his faces sheen.
His was the most piteous of the faces I have ever seen.
Wails, his shrieks, and screams still reverberate in air.

I have this quivering feeling!
My ebullient heart is on fire!

(The views expressed are author’s own)