A Tribute To The Innocent Face

Let the world answer his tears
Let the world watch his heart break
Let the world listen to his cries
Let the world see his innocence
Let the world know what he had lost

Isn’t it time for him to play?
But he is crying for his players
Who had fallen to the ‘stray bullets’
Of those bloody stray dogs.
They say we stand for peace!

Photo: Javid Dar/Wasim Andrabi

Peace!that comes with roars of GUNS
The World is a mute spectator
To all his cries n scream
To all tears and rage
Broken hearted he stands
Goodbye, for now, my friend

With his intentions,
To strive for vengeance.
This is how a rebel is born
From a dormant volcano,
Emitting out lava heat.