Matric Result : ‘Stop Marks Shaming’ Campaign

class 10 result

Two days ago, JKBOSE released the much anticipated result of Matric exams. Our message was #StopMarksShaming and #MarksDontDefineYou, because surely those digits do not define who you are.

Muhammad Faysal’s blog was the most read story in the week receiving positive response from young and old.

Below are some of the notable reactions to #StopMarksShaming campaign.

  1. Dr. Mohsin Bin Mushtaq

It was a long night. I spend most of the evening in the Masjid trying to please God for better result in Matriculation. Making different pledges and promises for different grades. As is the case with most of Kashmiri families, cracking Matriculation exam with good percentage was the first milestone in the real world. The hype of matriculation was so at its pinnacle that it was no less than a ‘pul e surat’ however without having to die first.

Finally the phone rang. It was my uncle who works in the JKBOSE speaking and my father patiently listening in affirmation. My father told me that I passed but was just short of a distinction. I threw a smile on my face but underneath my quilt, I cried that night.

Later life taught me that mere marks in a particular year do not mean ‘pul e surat’. Following your dreams with all the dedication does.

My name is Zikr e Jaana.

One of the most difficult corners for me in the bag was English grammar. I was beaten several times for screwing it. Today I am allegedly an English poet and Editor. Now I love to screw it further.

Urdu was no less than a nightmare and brought down my overall average in the result. Today I can talk hours about Urdu and Farsi Literature. Including the giant poets like Rudaki, Ganjavi and Hafiz. And I read it in Urdu and Farsi.

I did not score well in science either, but today I am a doctor and have my researches archived in the US National Library of Medicine.

Knowing well the obsession and ostentatious nature of parents of studious students and the concealed shame of the parents of less studious students, as a passer-by I would request all the parents not to flaunt about the marks of their kids and make it a litmus test for the capabilities of a child. The time of matriculation is crucial when psychologically the brain of a child is still shaping and taking a form. Telling them that they are not doing well brings it down rather than helping them. And putting on the cloak of Sufism I must say looking down at children with less marks, you are straight away looking down at God.

Marks are after all given by other humans. They may not understand you.


2. Javid Parsa


3. Muhammad Faysal
4. Sammah Masoodi

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